SCP-4183-2 after being deactivated. All weapons were removed from object before testing.

Item #: SCP-4183

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4183 is contained at Site-4183. Site-4183 is a 30m x 30m reinforced steel building constructed for the sole purpose of containing SCP-4183. Three (3) on-site 40mm automatic anti-material turrets are to be aimed at SCP-4183 at all times in the event an instance of SCP-4183-2 emerging. No civilian population is allowed within 400m of Site-4183. To avoid suspicion, Site-4183 was constructed in a remote rural area, 10 miles away from the nearest civilian population. Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-4183, all on site security must be ready to contain or destroy any instances of SCP-4183-2 at all times. Under no circumstances is any instance of SCP-4183-2 ever allowed to leave Site-4183. SCP-4183 is kept in place by four (4) steel bars holding the object at a 90° angle. Any sounds of hip-hop or rap music emanating from SCP-4183 must be immediately reported, and the site must go on full-site lockdown in preparation for SCP-4183-2.

Description: SCP-4183 is a Apple™ 6th generation iPad Pro. No physical alterations have been made to SCP-4183 and, aside from the size of the object, it is indistinguishable from any normal iPad. SCP-4183 is 10" x 7" and weighs only roughly 1.6 pounds, the same as any factory issue iPad Pro. Any biological life that pushes the 'Home' button on the object is instantly teleported somewhere on Earth seemingly at random. This Earth is theorised to be an alternate dimension, which will be hereon referred to as SCP-4183-1. SCP-4183-1 has a few noticeable differences from the Earth we currently reside on, such as the absence of the state of Hawaii, a large metal structure of unknown origin located in Russia and unusual weather pattern consisting only of sunshine and clear skies. It has never been cloudy or rained in SCP-4183-1. The main difference in SCP-4183-1 compared to our Earth is the presence of an unenumerable amount of large steel robots, heavily armed that consistently play various instrumental 'Hip-hop' or rap music out of large speakers. These robots, hereon referred to as SCP-4183-2 are extremely hostile and will attempt to terminate any form of life excluding plant life. SCP-4183-2 are most likely incapable of speech, and have shown no signs of sentience. SCP-4183-2 are usually easy to avoid, as they usually only travel down infrastructure such as roads or highways and they do not usually stray away from these roads, unless in pursuit of any targets. Each instance of SCP-4183-2 is identical, but carries different weaponry ranging in size and lethality, listed below.

SCP-4183-2 have been observed to play various music pieces through a central speaker at varying volume levels, it should be noted this music increases in volume the closer the robot gets to a living organism. This music never changes or stops, even when the SCP-4183-2 is deactivated.

Each instance of SCP-4183-2 is near identical, standing at 8.5" tall. Every instance is composed of stainless steel, and weighs about 4 metric tonnes. SCP-4183-2 runs on a self sustaining power source of unknown origin or composition. This power source is relatively easy to remove once SCP-4183-2 has been restrained or disabled, since it rests on the rear of the head of the object with it requiring little force to remove. SCP-4183-2 cannot be communicated with and will attack any life including animals and humans on sight. It should be noted that once SCP-4183-2 locates a target, it will pursue the target for twenty (20) minutes before giving up and returning to it's previous location. SCP-4183-2 emits various noises when observed, listed below.

Addendum 4183: Listed below is all documents and logs related to SCP-4183.

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