SCP-4239(The other gum by Rioreusaurus)
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Item #: SCP-4239

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [SCP-4239 is to be locked in a steel vault at all. When used for testing the door leading to the containment must be closed and locked away. If anybody consumes one instance they must remain in the containment cell at all times and an only leave if the effect stops working.]

Description: [SCP-4239 consists of 2 chewing gum packs. Pack number one known as SCP-4239-A is made from the compamy: █████. It has the usual things on the package. However the ingredients are written in an unknown language. Attempts to translate it by any sort of way has failed.The second package SCP-4239-B is made by the company Jumbo and all things written on it is dutch. The ingredients are the usual stuff but there is one ingredient which appears to be the same language as on SCP-4239-A.

If any humanoid consumes an instance of SCP-4239-A they show signs of violent behavior towards any living thing in a range of 10 meters. The second effect takes places when the subject chews the gum for 1 more minute. The objects hair nails and skin begins to slowly turn a blood red color and the subject gains insane strenght being able to break any metal with just one fist slam. The final effect takes place once the taste of the gum disapears. The nails and hair of the subject begins to fall of and they begin to show desire for the speed drug and any kind of cigarette. If the subject doesn't get any of those things they will either commit suicide or do everything it takes to get the drugs or cigarettes.

When any organic substance consumes a piece of SCP-4239-B they will feel as if they have done a terrible crime and will try to commit more of these. The effect continues for about 5 minutes and after that the second one takes place. The subject will begin to do anything to gain respect out of others even if it requires to do more crimes. The final effect takes place once the subject spits out the gum. They will feel as if they are the most important and anybody that is against that subject then the subject will try and kill the thing that is against them.

If pieces of gum are consumed the pack will refill itself after 5 to 7 hours.]