Procturne's SCPs
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Item #: SCP-4260

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4260 is to be kept in a solid steel box with no openings. Another layer of concrete is to be kept around it. No doors, cameras or any other object is to be allowed in or near SCP-4260's chambers.

In the event of a hostile assault, or containment breach, SCP-4260 is to be removed from Site-77 and brought to a secured Site. If unavailable, the procedures of launching a nuke to destroy SCP-4260 is highly advised.

Entry of SCP-4260 is not allowed in any circumstance. Even if approved by the 05-Council, SCP-4260 is to not be monitored or looked at. No photography of SCP-4260 is to be released, as it could result in an XK-Class end-of-world-scenario.

Description: SCP-4260 is a humanoid figure, measuring 1.8542 meters. Subject shows being mainly being a normal, fit human. Skin is mostly blue, with signs of little body hair. The subject wears blue garments, which seem to be attached to its' body.

When viewed in any way, SCP-4260 seems to be able to teleport through walls and do anything in its possession to get to the person who was able to view the subject (who will now be referred to as SCP-4260-1).

Documented teleport distances have reached over 4,000 miles. SCP-4260 seems to teleport within 2 miles of SCP-4260-1 and essentially "prepare" itself to murder, gaining a vantage point and preparing the subject's murder. After SCP-4260-1 is neutralized, Subject will immediately teleport back to its chambers on Site-77, whether being housed there or not.

Dr. ████ has requested immediate neutralization of SCP-4260. The order is still waiting for approval. Termination order has been denied, but the 05-Council was requested to vote again on [DATA EXPUNGED].

Audio Log from interview 4260-1:
Interviewer:** Dr. ████
Interviewed: SCP-4260
Foreword: Talking to SCP-4260 was conducted by the 05-Council to figure out if SCP-4260 could speak, to find what it is, and to learn why it prefers being contained.
<Begin Log>
[████████ █████ Time, Site-██]
Dr. ████: So… SCP-4260, what exactly are you?
SCP-4260: So that's what I'm being called? I thought I was Moirdezoar, but alright.
Dr. ████: Okay, my bad, Moirdezoar, what are you?
SCP-4260: I'm an elf. And what are you?
Dr. ████: I'm a human.
SCP-4260: Okay, understandable, since I can't see you through walls.
Dr. ████: So… could you tell me where you're from?
SCP-4260: I'm from ███████. And you?
Dr. ████: I'm not the important one. You are. Why do you like being kept in your chambers?
SCP-4260: You are important to me, you're the only living person I've ever talked to, but I feel as if I belong in those walls. Subject would then begin mumbling in [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr. ████: Huh? I'm afraid I didn't understand.
SCP-4260: What? I believe I only answered your question, did I not?
Dr. ████: No, you said something in [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP-4260: That wasn't important, but can you get back to questioning me so I can go back in my chambers?
Dr. ████: Well then, if you insist. There have been many x-rays conducted on you, and we've found that those garments you wear are actually apart of you. Why is that?
Dr. ████: Alright, I'll leave, and you can go back home.
<End Log>
Closing statement: SCP-4260 prefers not to be asked about its body and facial features. Also, the subject is from ███████ and is an Elf.