Class: Thaumiel

Special containment procedures:
SCP-4579 is to be kept in a refrigerated box in site 28’s break room
SCP-4579 is a [REDACTED] brand can of lemonade. SCP-4579 has no unusual qualities. Inside SCP-4579, there is liquid, classed as SCP-4579-1.
SCP-4579 is currently in use at site 28 break room. SCP-4579 is not anomalous, however. The liquid held inside is highly crossosive to all forms of anomalous objects. SCP-4579-1 has shown many times to return to the SCP-4579 after released from it.
SCP-4579-1 has no adverse affects on any non-anomalous object or entity. Further testing shows [DATA EXPUNGED]


SCP-4579-1 was poured on an instance of SCP-049-1.
The instance was completely disintegrated within 4 minutes.

SCP-4578-1 was thrown on SCP-682. As expected. After the disintegration, SCP-682
swiftly regenerated.
Honestly, I’m not even surprised. -Dr. Andrews

SCP-4578-1 was thrown on a victim of SCP-008. The entity melted within 2 minutes.

Addendum 4578-05
After retrieval, it was classed as safe. After an attempted breach by SCP-096, SCP-4578 was Re-classed as Thaumiel due to O5 request.

After much consideration, it was deemed safe for foundation use.source