Item #: SCP-461

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-461 shall be contained in an isolated containment chamber with a jungle inside of it. Containment is to be fitted with light systems, capable of flooding the entire jungle with no less than 80,000 lumens of light instantly with no direct human involvement. Containment Area is to remain under 24 hour surveillance.

If breached, all personnel shall stay in lighted places, as SCP-461 is sensitive to light. When being contained during breach, any attempt of SCP-461 to break containment cage or speak shall be met with force.

Description: SCP-461 seems to be a bird-like lizard therapod, with extreme brain cavity and intelligence. The SCP was found in ███████, roaming the ████ killing anything it saw. Mobile Task Force was sent to the location and contained the item as fast as possible.

Eyes of SCP-461 are bulbous and have Tapetum lucidum, a layer of tissue that reflects light through the retina in order to see better in the dark that many animals (such as cats, dogs, and raccoons) have, which made its eyes glow in the dark. As a side effect, they were unable to withstand intense light, such as a simple road flare

SCP-461 is extremely sentient and violent. A bite from SCP-461 is deadly. The toxins in their saliva that teeth retained would cause hallucinations, in some cases causing the victim to become violent and attack nearby individuals. Unless the bite is treated urgently, the victim then goes into a series of convulsions and seizures. The final stage is paralysis and brain death. Using this venom as the primary weapon, they would hunt by biting their victim and fleeing, but stalking their victim as it suffers from the effects of the venom.