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Item #: SCP-4901

Object Class: Anatta

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4901 is impossible to contain, however, any media modified by SCP-4901 must be contained as soon as possible, as a release of any fictional entity could result in a YK-End-Of-The-Universe scenario. In case of accidental release of said fictional entity, a mobile task force is to be dispatched to locate and neutralize the threat.

Description: SCP-4901 is a supernatural, extra-temporal, hyper-dimensional being of unknown composition or appearance. Despite the fact that SCP-4901 has never been seen, most people theorize SCP-4901 as a black mass, void, or a silhouette of a person. While SCP-4901 might not sound dangerous at first, the threat lies when it comes to its ability to bring fictional characters, items, entities, or even locations or occurrences into the real world, as well as the other way around

The scientific process behind this is not yet known. weather it be magic, or something else. Another ability that SCP-4901 possesses is psychological torture. Most people who have interacted with with items that have been tampered with by SCP-4901 (most commonly video games) experience profound changes in their lives afterwards. Some have even attempted suicide, or have attempted to kill others due to this, However, Any definite particular reason as to why SCP-4901 does what it does, would be anyone's best guess. The only general certainty that can be drawn from SCP-4901's behavior is that it is malevolent.

The first recorded SCP-4901 encounter was a story written by a man from Texas. He says that he and his girlfriend wanted to buy a copy of Super Mario Bros 64 for nostalgia sake. When they got it, the game was heavily modified, and much more dark, gory and bloody than the original. The man describes hearing sounds outside the game, such as footsteps and whispering during his experience.
The man also describes seeing himself in the game as a hanging corpse briefly before passing out from a really bad headache. Right before he passed out, he remembers seeing a black mass hovering over him.

In terms of the people who play the modified games, or watch the modified films, it can be concluded that the way that the subjects act is either due to hypnosis, or some kind of possession from an unknown force, presumably SCP-4901. It is a kind of psychosis, However, it is unclear if this psychosis is simply them speaking for themselves, or if it is actually SCP-4901 pulling the strings. In it's most generalized form, these subjects could be considered insane individuals, that are apparently under its control or influence. This also raises the potential of communication between SCP-4901 and said subject. This includes creating any form if electronic media, to communicate with whomever they might feel the need to. This means that there might be videos or files out there with communication from it.