SCP-5136 "Midnight Doll"

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-5136 is what appears to be a small porcelain doll will a kerchief and bonnet common in and around the early 1800s it seems to have the ability to enter and manipulate the dreams of anyone within 50 meters of it. 5136 was found laying in a ditch beside an old wagon trail. 5136 has a hatred for all human life because it has been lost


The doll was first put in the classification of Safe but much like other SCPs such as SCP-1048 the doll was reclassified as Euclid after a catastrophic event. The incident of this event was a catastrophic day for the site where SCP-5136 was being housed. 5136 was being housed in a bulletproof pelxiglass box at Site-43. SCP-5136 was moved to Site-19 and reclassified to Euclid during an event where SCP-5136 killed multiple officials of Site-43.

SCP-5136 made these victims see illusions which made them sustain impossible fatal injuries. This made them bleed a black viscus fluid. It floods the nervous and circulatory system. 5136 has the ability to make you sense things that are not there as it uses the fluid to cause major hemorrhaging or rupturing based on the illusion.

5316 has been transferred to Site-19 and now is held in a room made of steel and surrounded in a 2 foot thick box of psychic wave stopping plexiglass-titanium alloy. 5136 has been destroyed several times but it always transports back to it's box in an enraged state.

The liquid 5136 creates and distributes is known as "Compound-5316-A" and has hallucinatory, amnestic and acidic effects. This viscus fluid is how 5316's illusionary powers of reality control as well as it's ability to harm others.


The doll has now spoken many times to many officials in both dreams and reality. It has the voice of a young girl yes uses a deep demonic tone when enraged. 5136 can appear in dreams 2km away when dormant and 20km when enraged. It has full power over such dreams and can kill through dreams. This results in any injuries sustained in the dream travel over to the sleeper's body. They cannot wake up until moved out of range of 5136 or when 5136 choses it has had it's fun.

5316 has told researchers that it was lost while travelling on a trail and was never recovered by it's owner "Annie". 5316 is sometimes referred to as "Dahlia" but it also responds to other names common in the 1800s. It is marked down, however. As the Midnight Doll for the reason it is most active at midnight. Level 3 clearance is required when talking to 5316.

5136 has a hatred for all human life because it has been lost. It's previous owner, "Annie" has seemingly lost the doll on their way across Canada. 5136's first documented use of it's ability is when a group of three hikers camping by the trail had dreams of a doll sitting in the shrubs beside their tent. It was crying out the name "Annie".

5136 has been trying to cause various containment breaches because it is looking for an "owner". These owners have included various powerful humanoid SCPs It has never seen these SCPs yet it seems to know exactly what they are. It knows knowledge most high ranking researchers don't even know. It currently has a body count of 239. It is highly dangerous and the only way to avoid falling into it's illusions is the use of full body covering such as a hazmat suit. 5136 has been noted to spy on people when escaped. It only wants to have a new owner. It will kill for one. It is very easily enraged and emotionally unstable. Once it finds an owner, Mass destruction is imminent.

During one night at Site-19 SCP-5136 was sitting in the middle of it's containment chamber. It was huddled in the corner of it's glass box. It was weeping. "A-Annie… Where did I go wrong? I need you back… I miss you… I just want a home… w-w-with you Annie. We were perfect… I didn't mean to kill him… I-I-I was protecting you… I'm so alone. I need a friend. I didn't mean to kill all those people… I'm sorry. I-I miss you Annie. It' so cold. Why did you-u-u do this to m-me Annie? I-I thought we w-w-ere friends. I d-didn't want t-to be an experiment A-Annie. I was you s-s-sister." 5136 went on a rampage 20 minutes after that conversation.

Talking to SCP-5316 can be very dangerous and you must meet any of it's demands if you want it to stay calm. When talking to 5316, Seeing is never believing.