SCP-5201 - Memories Aside


The following document has a lethal cognitohazard, lethal infohazards, and a large memetic complex seen while reading the documents. Any personnel with proper memetic inoculation is ready to proceed to read the document.

— Maxwell Enthor Tackie Armastat, Director, RAISA




The following file is Level 23648274/81923718273 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Item #: SCP-5201 Level 4/5201
Object Class: Apollyon/Yggdrasil Classified


A copy of SCP-[ERROR] to denote SCP-5201.

Item#: 5201
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Warning: The following document is drowned with a Indigma-Opal meme. The following SCP document needs 5/5201 clearance, ready to continue?
-> (yes)
[Memetic image received]
[Consciousness retrieved and reviewed]
[Opening Document]
Note From The Site Director: The following is a tab full of documents that are made by Dr. Hadley1 and Dr. Yamikaya.2 since 2005. Anyone with Level 5 clearance can unlock all of the documents plus more information about the anomaly. But there is no detail on how and why this anomaly is created as it is for O5 clearance. As today, there is amultiple lethal cognitohazards and infohazards seemingly placed random in the documents. Dr. Yamikaya and Dr. Hadley said that they didn't place any cognitive hazards in the document. Further inspections are to be done in the document. A bunch of tabs is to be presented with true information about the happenings of each one. This can be done using the full insertion sequence. Do you want to open this file?
Do you have the proper message to open this file?
Insert the phrase in the blank below.
[[Do they know how the black moon howl?]]
Correct message, please submit your clearance
[[O5 Clearance seen]]
Thank you. Welcome, O5-1. How may I help you?
[[Open all documents]]
Sure, here is all the documents, O5-1.

From the Overseer Council

Note: Due to SCP-5201's nature and effects to information, multiple fake SCP-5201 documents have been laid aside to the real SCP-5201. SCP-5201's real identity and document should be not shown from the public. If did, Procedure K-5201-Delta is to be done immediately after 20 minutes of public exposure. If anyone is showing the real identity and document of SCP-5201— unaffected by Procedure K-5201-Delta, they are to be terminated immediately after 30 minutes of public exposure, and people who saw the termination of SCP-5201's affected individual are to be guided Class-A amnestics and tell amnesticized people with fake happenings.

Note 2: An incorporeal entity with the same traits and physique as Dr. Hadley permeated itself to the prime existence by a known Level 5 Researcher, Dr. Yamikaya. Dr. Yamikaya used a book borrowed from the GOI "Shifters-Of-Faith" to summon a pataphysical conceptual void of creation and devoid. Dr. Yamikaya instead disobeyed the fourth rule of the book that says the following phrase, "Do not summon this entity at any costs. Anyone that disobeys this rule will be given a deadly meme that has been used through illegal summoners, be warned.". Dr. Yamikaya insists this as being a "dilapitated prank by a member of the GOI 'Shifter's Of Faith' of great selfishness" and summons the "deity" with the follow chants. "Himroth Azathoth Dextroth Linger Envy and Yearn our suffering, we have come here to show your form of a thousand dark midnights." The incorporeal entity the same as Dr. Hadley came and said the following words. [REDACTED]

If SCP-5201's effects gained sentience and primarily dodged amnesticization, affected instances are to be terminated to lessen it's spreading.

A list of to-dos from containing SCP-5201 and affected instances.
● Do not terminate affected instances of SCP-5201's effects. It will likely cause a chain reaction from it's effects turning to a sentient consciousness. It's consciousness are divisive and likely the consciousness will possess the person to a state of brain-dead living SCP-5201-1 instances.
● When a person twitches it's left leg and says "Pitter patter, a consciousness had arrive." or "Goodnight, it's the end of time, (your name).", do not go near them. It is likely an SCP-5201-1 instance and the SCP Foundation already told the entire world about faking the behavioural states of SCP-5201-1 instances can cause accidental termination.
●Do not make contact with SCP-5201 material.6
●Do not make encantations to SCP-5201 using the book. Any personnel doing so will lead to immediate termination.

Any person affected with SCP-5201 material are to be terminated soon as possible to pjt affected instances of it out of misery.7. If Procedure K-5201-Delta has been unsuccessful, Procedure HABIT-5201 is to be acted soon as possible. Regards of Procedure HABIT-5201 and it's effects has been critisized as "pathetic" by SCP-5201-affected individuals. SCP-5201 is to be kept secretly as possible and to been hidden from public, showing only fake SCP-5201 documents.

Possible XK-Class "End-Of-The-World" scenario acted by SCP-5201 should be stopped as SCP-2000 reaches 70% of activation. SCP-2000 is to be activated in 250 years as SCP-5201 reaches 0.000000001% of affected individuals in the entire world. If continued diseases such as Cold and SCP-610 increases the risk of SCP-5201's effects, people affected with SCP-5201 are to be either terminated or guided 2 pills of SCP-500. SCP-5201's effects is spreadable and anyone affected should be terminated.

I do not associate with people that doesn't take care of their own fucking problems..

Is this actually real, I can talk to the page actually! Seriously? Let's see the documents… WHAT!

They are treating me like a goddamn conceptual anomaly! I am Dr. Hadley! I am stuck in this article or whatever the fuck this is! This is a goddamn nightmare! This article is fucking stupid to describe me and just a waste of time and resources! The anomalous shape-shifting red rubber ball? It's not an anomalous shape-shifting red rubber ball, you guys are just containing my corpse! This is my consciousness right now huh, stuck in this article and can bend narratives eh? I have my own Easter egg hunt on my own.

I am out for my revenge. You cannot kill me but you can see me. Goodbye.

Do not treat me like a impulse or concept…

Dr. Yamikaya? You are dead to me.

I am mad, and consuming. I will have my revenge on you for ignoring me for fucking 30 years and not 13 years! Uaaagghhhhh!!!!!! Goodbye…

I have problems to deal with, YOUR problems.

They don't even care about me, even Dr. Yamikaya! There is something wrong here…