SCP-5284 : The man from Neptunus
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Item #: SCP-5284

Object Class: Appolyon/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5284 location are very secret, because its very dangerous. It can kill everybody, smash and broke many stuff, and make a few SCP hurt. Just a few allowed level 5 personnel can contact, with MTF Omega-12 and MTF Sigma-66 full force for security. SCP-5284 was issued contained in site-19 or site-88.

Description: SCP-5284 was very strong humanoid that can make your house be an dirt in 1 hour. This SCP issued for hunting animals in Amazon, Brazil. Those animals was get an code, from SCP-5284-A1 to SCP-5284-A102. Once he escape, just have 1% change for recontain him. 2 D-Class are testing with him, a question. But however, SCP-5284 is attack them. Even without 1 word to SCP-5284, not asking, and then attack. The power of SCP-5284 is unknown.

Animals that SCP-5284 kills

1. SCP-5284-A1 - SCP-5284-A12 is Snakes, any snakes that he kills for unknown.
2. SCP-5284-A13 - SCP-5284-A34 is Birds, any birds that he kills for unknown.
3. SCP-5284-A35 - SCP-5284-A51 is Monkeys, any monkeys that he kills for unknown.
4. SCP-5284-A52 - SCP-5284-A100 is Worms, any worms that he kills is for eat.
5. SCP-5248-A101 - SCP-5284-A102 is unknown, looks like an rhino, Who know….