SCP-5292 "A Piece Of Mind Given"

Item# : SCP-5292

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5292 is to be tracked by the newly-created SCP sattelite "Burden" in which controlled by Site-[REDACTED]. It is to be guarded 24/7 and 2 people, for dayshift and nightshift, would be guarding SCP-5292's route and current location. As for now, SCP-5292 lies on the Meditteranian Sea. Every village or city within the path of SCP-5292 in 1km will be evacuated and will be given Class-A amnestics if being asked or questioned. SCP-5292's path is to be tracked by 2 agents if it ever cause widespread destruction. If possible, it should be contained in a 5m by 5m by 5m containment chamber with no windows or doors.

Description: [REDACTED] is an antimemetic, and infectious impulse in the shape of a humanoid in an unknown origin, which may possibly be Caucasian, but cannot be confirmed. [REDACTED] has been spotted erasing people's consciousness every day which left widespread confusion and immense paranoia on Egypt and most of Northern Africa. It affected nearly 5 million people due to unknown means and currently does it to avoid containment and hazards. It doesn't pose a threat but can't be contained due to it's faze-through abilities. It's memetic ability has a range of 2km which means "Burden" should be taken heights to the stratosphere. It's also hostile, destroying a Site which killed [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP Site-[REDACTED] personnel. It also has an anomalous activity, in which nobody knows, and may be an effect of SCP-5292's abilities of Antimemetic Surgency.

-Addendum 5292.1: "Interview of SCP-5292's affected victim"
Note: The following Interview is a proposed interview of Site-42's Senior Researcher Daniel Higgins, and an affected SCP-5292's victim, also known as an SCP-5292 instance, which doesn't want their name to be revealed, possibly due to SCP-5292's effects, but the victim said it's name which is newly-named "Barron", which apparently was given by SCP-5292. "Barron" was found in Louisiana, and his entire neighborhood is affected with SCP-5292's effects, despite occuring in Africa and Europe. Research is currently pending on how it affect America so quickly in 3 days.


SR. Daniel: Hello sir, my name is SR. Daniel, a member of this Site. I would like to ask you some questions.
Do you know anything about SCP-5292 and it's comprehensive anomalous capabilities?

???: Huh? Where am I? I was making breakfast for my two sons, and you abducted me you cheeky bastard!

SR. Daniel: Can I explain for a moment sir?

???: Yeah, fuck you, sure. As long as your explanation is valid enough for me to stop thrashing.

SR. Daniel: Ok sir, wait. SR. Daniel grabs a cup of water. Hold on sir, SR. Daniel puts back the cup of water on the table. remember this. You are in Lousiana with no sons and you aren't making breakfast. When my team found you "cooking breakfast", in actuality, my dear sir, is that you are stabbing the mayor's eye. The mayor is slumped on your refrigerator's door bloodied and all of his skin are sliced out of his corpse. When my team theorized your murder of a humanoid instance, my team saw you cooking the mayor's flesh.

???: What? What should I remember from an abductor, you motherfucker? I am just cooking my sons favorite homemade sunny-side-up eggs and you have to ruin it by killing my kids and abducting me? What is wrong with you cocksucking monkeys?

??? violently thrashes out, causing a power delay for 2 minutes. Extraneous dialogue removed.

SR. Daniel: Stop, thrashing sir, you are damaging the site with your gouging screams. But, my dear si4, is that you never had two sons, they are just hallucigens damaging your breain! And you have never been making breakfast for your sons, you just stomped the cooked mayor's flesh on the floor.

???: I was frying sunny-side-up eggs from my lovely pan and putting 'em in my sons' plates. We were enjoying some quick juices until showed up. Ruining my neighborhood and terminating my people and neighbors with your nasty weapons! You fucking cunts! And then you guys tried to evaluate on what happened, saying this fucking annoying goddamn phrase "We just want you 'A piece of mind given'".

SR. Daniel: Sir your juices are extracted from the mayor's blood. Sir, we want to tell you sir about a memetic contagion that's spreading worldwide and affecting the world fast.

???: M-M-Memetic contagion, in this healthy state? And nobody isn't even affected! I saw the people smiling and eating food! You know what fuck you! And all of you cunts! Burn in hell, you deceased cocksuckers!

SR. Daniel: Sir, you are like the other affected victims of the memetic contagion. After 2 hours of exposure on the memetic contagion, you all turn into cannibalistic, hostile, murderous and humanoid entities of immense power.

??? proceeded to thrash out violently, causing another power outtage for another 2 minutes. At least 10 minutes of extraneous dialogue removed.

SR. Daniel: Calm down, sir. We are just the SCP Foundation, we serve the world, not rule the world. If we want to rule the world, it could've happened quickly as possible!

???: Quickly as possible? Ohoho, my doctor. I have heard of you killing people.

SR. Daniel: This is getting nowhere, terminate the session!

After SR. Daniel said that, ??? became a Type III Reality-Bending humanoid and vaporizes both it's containment chamber and SR. Daniel. SR. Daniel corpse was found in the Willis Tower, top floor, possibly died due to asphyxiation and convulsions. ??? (now nicknamed "Barron" was never found but "Barron" was last seen on the satellite in 1983 presumably dead.


-Addendum 5292.2 "