SCP-5672 "Fortnite"

Item Number:SCP-5672

Object Class:Keter Propitious

[[include component:image-block name=Fortnite|caption=Copy of SCP-5672]]

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-5672 is to be contained
in a hard drive and mobile devices and computers and consoles any electronic infected by SCP-5672
is to be confiscated
by the foundation immediately in Site-31. SCP-5672 currently is contained in a No Wifi room that is 15 x 5 x 10 with electricity proof door made out of [REDACTED] to test SCP-5672 personnel from Level-5 clearance must be asked to test it. Currently over 16$ billion of electronics with SCP-5672 is spent. SCP-5672 has certain chambers and will be dashed as SCP-5672-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -9 -12 -15 -19 -25 -42 -56 -78 - 92 -96 -100 -101 -200 -215.

Description:SCP-5672 is a game labeled "Fortnite" found on a electronic and thus shall be contained with No Wifi at all. SCP-5672's game disc is roughly 0.5 meters and 5 centimeters in diameter observers in cameras have stated that the disc has rolled by itself once when no one is in the containment chamber labeling the disc SCP-5672-1-1. SCP-5672 will turn on when either downloaded or put in the CD player it will show up currently in this writing time a character named "Zenith" and "Powder" will appear in the loading screen. Once the loading screen finishes it will have three (3) options: "Save The World! , Battle Royale , Creative". "Creative" and "Battle Royale" has been shown the same mode but "Save The World!" is a different one but refusing to press "Battle Royale" has been a failure. SCP-5672 when pressed "Battle Royale" the game will be taken to a character and a back ground with Level and EXP with the Battle Pass,Item Shop,Shop,Armory,Leaderboards,Events pressing play with "Ready" the player and then they will be transported into a "Battle Bus" that can fly.

SCP-5672 has a bunch of weapons including: Assault rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, SMGs, Explosives.
which do damage and is mostly common on the game and "resources" you can build ramps, walls, floors, pyramids, traps. SCP-5672 is mostly called "enjoyable" by most test subjects and "fun" and refuses to stop playing the game.

Anomalous Properties:SCP-5672 has been recorded to have a "Overreaction" or a "Adrenaline Rush" when getting a sign called "#1 Victory Royale!" all resulted in stopping the person from having this sense of enthusiasm has all failed eventually the "Overreaction of enthusiasm" leaving the person having heart attacks or more serious organ failures after 1-3 hours after the "Victory", However losing will cause eternal depression against losing a game but SCP-999 has recorded to stop the depression completely but the depression will go into serious states when not treated with therapy causing the person to commit suicide. SCP-5672 will automatically turn on when a person enters the room despite no wifi or not, a person will have the urge to play SCP-5672 with more then 24(twenty four) hours of playing.

Note 1:People who are playing SCP-5672 will be called SCP-5672-1-2 "Addicts".

Note 2: [EXPLETIVE] this game.

Note 3:SCP-5672 has high traces of blood on the disc now.

Addendum-01: SCP-5672-1-2 will result in deadly fights not caring about their life if they aren't allowed to play the game.