Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: Personnel with clearance level 4 or above are allowed to view this document. If this document is viewed by anyone of a lower clearance even by accident they are to be terminated without question. Those that desire it can have their memories erased and become a D-Class personnel that will be used for testing SCP-5673, however, this is to only be given to members of the foundation that were tricked into seeing the document by another personnel if an incident like this occurs then the personnel that tricked the other into reading this document is to be used in the sacrifice for SCP-2317. The only known thing to stop SCP-5673 is SCP-5674.

Description: SCP-5673 is an enormous entity that has been classified as a planet killer. It appears to be like any other vapour cloud in the dark reaches of space however on closer examination it was revealed that it is a cloud of entities that not only survive in space but feed off of stars.

SCP-5673 has been designated the name “Death's Shadow” as it's one of the last things a species sees before it disappears forever.

The entities group together in order to consume the star quickly as when the star is consumed any and all life on the surrounding planets start to slowly die as their planet starts to lose orbit. When this happens SCP-5673 engulfs the planet and converts the dying species into its own so as to be able to devour the population of bigger planetary bodies faster.