Object Class - Keter

Special Containment Procedure - Personnel with clearance level 4 or above are allowed to view this document. If this document is viewed by anyone of a lower clearance even by accident they are to be terminated without question. Those that desire it can have their memories erased and become a D-Class personnel that will be used for testing SCP-5673 however this is to only be given to members of the foundation that were tricked into seeing the document by another personnel, if an incident like this occurs then the personnel that tricked the other into reading this document is to be used in the sacrifice for SCP-2317. The only known thing to stop SCP-5673 is SCP-5674.

Description - SCP-5673 is an enormous entity that has been classified as a planet killer. It appears to be like any other vapor cloud in the dark reaches of space however on closer examination it was revealed that it is a cloud of entities that not only survive in space but feed off of stars.

SCP-5673 has been designated the name “Death's Shadow” as it's one of the last things a species sees before it disappears forever.

The entities group together in order to consume the star quickly as when the star is consumed any and all life on the surrounding planets start to slowly die as their planet starts to lose orbit. When this happens SCP-5673 engulfs the planet and converts the dying species into its own so as to be able to devour the population of bigger planetary bodies faster.

Incident 5673-1: When being observed SCP-5673 seemed to change course. When it was being observed by Dr. Lee he noticed that it had moved away from The Sombrero Galaxy to the Milky Way. However, Dr. Lee reported that when it reached the edge of our Galaxy it hit some sort of Barrier.

Dr. Lee theories that this is a direct result of SCP-5674 and the circle it creates with its orbit of our Galaxy. He theorizes this because just before SCP-5673 reached our Galaxy SCP-5674 was observed to stop suddenly and wait until SCP-5673 arrived. Although it is not clear if SCP-5674 did, in fact, stop Dr. Lee states that in his observation that it seemed to know what direction SCP-5673 was coming in.

Incident 5673-2: SCP foundation sent two D class personnel on a small shuttle to observe SCP-5673 in closer proximity. When the D class personnel left our Galaxy SCP-5673 changed to an intercept course with them. The footage recovered from the incident only sheds light on what the entities look like.

Description - SCP-5673-A appears as a long grey mass of flesh. It appears to have no eyes but a massive jaw with teeth the size of a small bird. It appears to hunt off of smell as in the footage that was recovered the D class personnel showed no signs of movement and made no noise so the only logical theory is that they hunt by smell.

Incident report 5673-3: Dr. Lee wanted to see if one of his theories about SCP-5673. Two D-class personnel sent on a shuttle to the edge of our universe and then he had them observe SCP-5673 that was devouring a local Galaxy. They observed the entities devouring local fauna and saw the process of them being turned into one of them.

The D-class personnel observed the entities mid-section and their stomachs opening and giving “birth” to a small version of the entity and this “child” moves into the mass of these entities.

Dr. Lee then proceeded to remotely move the shuttle out our Galaxy. The entities immediately reacted to the D-class personnel. Dr. Lee then proceeded to remotely lock the controls and set the onboard camera to record the encounter.

It took the entities only four minutes to reach the shuttle although the “Adults” stayed outside the shuttle and seemed to allow the young to infiltrate the shuttle and feast on the D-class personnel.

When the young reached the D-class personnel they attempted to devour them completely however the personnel attempted to fight them off. Eventually the young devoured the personnel and something that Dr. Lee theorised was that the young devour kills to grow. The footage that was recovered from this shuttle supported this as the young that devoured the bodies of the personnel became fully grown in under five minutes.

Dr. Lee deems this test a success and is thinking of more to conduct as to find out more about the entities and in the future possible containment procedures.

Additional Notes: Further testing of SCP-5673 is currently in progress to see if SCP-5673-A is sentient or just reacting on pure instinct alone. D-Class personnel have been dispatched to see if they can be communicated with although they have not reported back as of yet.

Addendum 5673-1: After researching more into the habits of SCP-5673 it appears that it only targets planets with an advanced civilization. Dr. Lee theories that this is a way of culling the universe so that younger civilizations can prosper and not be taken over by others.

Addendum 5673-2: It appears that SCP-5673 will also not approach SCP-3003. It is unknown why this is but Dr. Lee theories that it is a survival instinct. For further clarification, he believes that they want to keep their own free will and don’t want to be controlled.

Addendum 5673-3: On closer inspection of the massive of SCP-5673-A there appears to be a massive one in size that will be referred to as SCP-5673-B. 5673-B appears to be the oldest of the entities and possibly the first of its kind. Further study required.

Addendum 5673-4: Dr. Lee has made contact with 5673-B and reports that it has been alive for three million years. All that Dr. Lee could get out of it was that it was designed by ‘The Great One’ and its mission is to bring balance to the universe by destroying civilizations and even galaxies that have achieved a certain level of advancement. It also revealed that it does not go near SCP-3003 as it will be ‘The last to be cleansed.’ Dr. Lee also states that the D-Class personnel he used to communicate with 5673-B stopped responding shortly after that message and were most likely consumed by SCP-5673.

Addendum 5673-5: Dr. Lee has recovered the footage mentioned in Addendum 5673-4. It appears that the D-Class personnel were in fact left alone by SCP-5673-B. Although not before SCP-5673-A disabled the shuttles radio and engines. Dr. Lee theories that anyone that comes into contact with SCP-5673-B will be killed and not used to further the entities mass. Possibly the entities that communicate with SCP-5673-B are deemed unclean or unfit for consumption maybe. Further research needed.

Incident 5673-4: D-class personnel encountered SCP-5673-B again to inquire as to the fate of the last team. It replied by saying “They were not suitable for our purposes. Although you may be.” The D-class personnel have not sent any more information for the last six days.

Document 5673-1:

Report by Dr. Mulholland.

After reading all information and watching the tapes back I feel it is safe to say that this SCP is highly dangerous and that more personnel be given to Dr. Lee to further research ways to contain this SCP-5673-B as it seems to be the source of the problem. Dr. Lee agrees and has started to devise ways of containing the entity.

I recommend that Dr. Reid and Dr. Glowacki be assigned to this SCP as well as myself as Dr. Lee could use the extra help and we have worked together on previous SCP solutions which the foundation found satisfying.

In conclusion, I believe that we should monitor SCP-5673 more closely and try to ensure that SCP-5674 stays the way it is at the moment as we will need it until we can find a way to contain SCP-5673-B.

Addendum 5673-6: Dr. Reid, Dr. Mulholland, and Dr. Glowacki have been assigned to SCP-5673. Although Dr. Reid was obviously against leaving SCP-5872 with another researcher although it may be a possible side effect from long exposure from SCP-5872 will need further information from this, however.

Document 5673-2:

Psychological Report of Scientist.

Interview of Dr. Lee conducted by Dr. Glass.

Forward: Dr. Lee is being asked about how he is coping with SCP-5673.

Dr. Glass: So Dr. Lee is there anything that you want to talk about?

Dr. Lee: No… I mean it’s stressful monitoring something so dangerous as SCP-5673 but if it wasn’t me and my team then they’d get more unqualified people to study it.

Dr. Glass: Unqualified? What do you mean by that?

Dr. Lee: That anyone other personnel than my team would get it wrong.

Dr. Glass: And why is that Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee: Because they don’t get how this group of Entities is the end of us! [Gets up out of the chair and throws it against the wall.] They don’t see how much of a threat this thing poses and it’s driving me insane.

Dr. Glass: When was the last time you slept, Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee: When was I assigned to SCP-5673?

Dr. Glass: Three years ago I believe.

Dr. Lee: Then there's your answer Dr. Glass.

Addendum 5673-7: Dr. Lee has been assigned to SCP-765 for a week as his stress levels seem to be too high and it is recommended that he be allowed to recuperate for a week.

Document 5673-3:


Dr. Reid.

In the attempt to discover if SCP-5673 could be contained two D-Class personnel with a specially made cage that has bars that are coated with a very strong toxin. D-Class personnel did in fact capture one of SCP-5673-A but unfortunately, the cage did nothing as the toxins seem to have no effect on the entity. The entity then went on to kill both personnel. Request better D-Class personnel as personnel cannot handle the most simple tasks like making sure the SCP doesn’t escape.

Need to research SCP-5673-A more to find out what can contain it and also what could kill it.
The requirement of new D-Class personnel as the ones that are employed to this part of the foundation is becoming thin.

Addendum 5673-7: D-Class personnel has now been allowed to bring cattle prods with them into space to deal with SCP-5673-A. Although no firearms will be assigned to them even with the request from Dr. Mulholland.

Addendum 5673-8: Dr. Reid has requested to join D-Class personnel on next excursion to interact with 5673-B. Request denied by [REDACTED].

Document 5673-4:

Psychological Report of Scientist.

Interview of Dr. Lee conducted by Dr. Glass.

Forward: Dr. Lee is being interviewed to see how he's coping after some time away from SCP-5673.

Date: 26/02/19

Dr. Glass: So Dr. Lee how was your week at SCP-765?

Dr. Lee: It helped a lot. I see now that I just needed to get away from my work for a while.

Dr. Glass: Good, good. So are you ready to get back to work?

Dr. Lee: Yes but can I ask a favor?

Dr. Glass: What kind of favor?

Dr. Lee: May I see her?

Dr. Glass: You know that she is under surveillance as she’s the only personnel that came into contact with SCP 5673-B and came back unharmed except being in a catatonic state.

Dr. Lee: There’s something you’re not telling me! [Grabs Dr. Glass by the collar.] Let me see her!

Dr. Glass: [Hits small button under the table.] I can’t not in the state your in.

[Footsteps approach.]

Security Guard: Release Dr. Glass now! [Points gun at Dr. Lee.] Now Dr. Lee or you will be shot!

Dr. Lee: [Let’s go of Dr. Glass] Please just let me see her. [Breaks down and slumps to his knees] Please…

Addendum 5673-9: Dr. Lee has been put under surveillance until further notice, it is unclear what has made him breakdown the way he has although Dr. Glass theories that it could be due to the exposure to the amount of sensitive data we have recorded on SCP-5673. Dr. Reid will be the lead scientist in charge of SCP-5673 until further notice. This is a direct order from [REDACTED]

Document 5673-5:


Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5673-C should be kept in an isolated 10 by 10 room of solid concrete and monitored twenty-four hours a day. No food is to be administered as it is unnecessary. Music is to be played on loop and is not to be turned off unless testing is in effect. No one higher than Level 3 access should be allowed to enter as if they communicate with the whispers it could be detrimental to the foundation so only D-Class personnel should be in the room for testing.

Report on Mrs. Avangelena Lee.

Conducted by Dr [REDACTED] Glowacki.

When she was brought in Mrs. Lee was in a catatonic state due to something that SCP-5673-B did to her. What is strange is that she was allowed to live and not killed like the D-Class personnel that was with her. Her sibling Dr [REDACTED] Lee has been notified that she is stable and that she is being monitored however he has not taken the news well. I believe that SCP-5673-B may have a small number of psychic capabilities as it’s “Species” don’t seem to be able to speak. I believe that SCP-5673-A may have similar but greatly reduced abilities as well as to be able to communicate with others of its “Species” however we have found no concrete proof of this.

On further examination of what we are referring to now as SCP-5673-C is that the body does not seem to be decaying in any way. No fluids or nutrients have been administered either as the skin on her body has become harder than a diamond. The SCP has also shown signs of being quite agitated when there is complete silence. D-Class personnel have reported unintelligible whispering in such circumstances so music is recommended to be played on loop.

I recommend that the SCP be kept away from Dr. Lee as this will make him worse. I also recommend that he be placed on temporary leave.

Dr [REDACTED] Glowacki.

Date: 26/02/19

Addendum 5673-10: It appears that SCP-5673-C has changed skin colour to grey like SCP-5673-A. Dr
Glowacki theories that the SCP may be slowly turning into SCP-5673-A or something quite like it and requests that more containment procedures be put into place like thicker walls and more secure restraints be used to make sure if the SCP is turning that it will not escape.

Addendum 5673-11: Dr. Reid has request one pill from SCP-500 in hopes that this will cure SCP-5673-C’s condition and give his colleague some piece of mind. At this moment of time, this request is under consideration by Dr [REDACTED].

Addendum 5673-12: SCP-5673-C has been moved to Site-E[REDACTED] by request of Dr. Glowacki. Site staff have been informed of her condition that is being referred to as X-4J6K.

Document 5673-6:

Report on X-4J6K.

Conducted by Dr [REDACTED] Glowacki.

X-4J6K is the slow transformation of a subject that has come into contact with SCP-5673-B and survived. Subject appears to be comatose but is still respondent to outside stimuli. Subject stays this way for approximately one month not needing water or food during this time. Subjects skin also appears to start to turn grey like SCP-5673-A.

At this moment and time, only one case of X-4J6K have been reported and we do not fully understand it. SCP-5673-C will be monitored more closely to see if the “Transformation” continues any further.

Addendum 5673-14: Dr. Reid’s request of one of SCP-500 pill has been approved but on the condition that it is one of the clone pills that was produced by SCP-038.

Addendum 5673-14: SCP-500’s clone pill seems to have stalled the process of X-4J6K but does not seem to have cured it as SCP-5673-C is still comatose and grey in hue. It seems as though this “Transformation” cannot be cured like SCP-008.