Item#: SCP-6030

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3060 has a 5 meter wall with 2 foot wide barred concrete with babrbed wires on top incase of a trespasser.There are two guard towers with each guard placed in a prison-like style and an entrance similar to a military gate. The land where SCP-3060 is should be guarded by 2 facility guards in the tower. SCP-6030's entrance must be guarded by 2 agents and 2 guards, both left and right sides. When an SCP testing is performed, SCP-3060 must be guarded by MTF Tan-10 "Structure Knockers" at all times, 24/7. To this day, testing were never performed, due to unknown reasons. People who see SCP-6030 must be given Class-A amnestics before being freed. Trespassers that are climbing th wall should be terminated immediately. Every crack in SCP-3060 should be fixed and repaired, due to it being old.
Instructions are to be carried out by Dr. Shranko.

Description: SCP-6030 is a 20 story tall and 100m wide apartment complex, with windows that are broken.
SCP-6030 has been built in [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/[REDACTED] by ■■■■■ Corporations. SCP-6030 has multiple anomaly traits, including the outside persepective being conherently damaged, with leaves, vines, moss of unknown origin flows with great licosity, similar to water, but not actual moss. The inside persepective is clean and undamaged, with objdcts shining like a star inside a ring, and objdcts beeing clearly managed, though no one cleans the building everyday. There are employess there (designated SCP-6030-1) that work just like an ordinary day. They are too, human, but have traits to several, anomalous objdcts, like Sarah Possi, who has a pen that can write by itself, and Michael Winsky, who has 2 objects, a printer in which prints pictures and make them animated (similar to SCP-085 & SCP-105's anomalous trait), and a coffee mug, which changes colors and hotness of the liquid put inside it. There is also Flabia Iccia, which had a book that when a single word was readen, a planet would explode. Several of these objdcts are confiscated by the Foundation, in return is money. SCP-6030's 2nd floor has an anomalous trait in which shifts into an infinite copy of itself if opened Room 171.This also caused the death of Fabio Constantino, in which body was found in a lake, completely submerged, telling that Room 171 also has thr anomalous trait of teleporting someone. Several anomalous traits like, copying SCP-087 in SCP-6029's 5th floor, no gravity in SCP-6030's 3rd floor, and possibly more in the future.