SCP-6661-The Statue(s)

Object Class Euclid

Special Containment Procedures SCP-6661 should be kept in a 10 m by 10 m by 10 m iron containment chamber at all times. It should be monitored by five three guards at all times, if the guards hear voices they should ignore it and later report it. A class D personnel should enter the chamber once a week for feeding, but no maintenence is needed.

The only person allowed in the enclosure is Dr.██ and he should be accompanied by a guard at all times.

Description SCP-6661 is a statue of a woman approximately 6'5 with no clear facial features, she is wearing a robe and is looking over her left shoulder, one arm touching her chin and the other touching her calf on her left leg. She is standing straight up, her right leg is behind her left leg and is barefooted.

Guards outside the chamber have reported hearing a female voice telling them to let her out. CCTV has also shown the statue moving but this is rare, the most noteable movement happened █/█/██, the statue walked over to the wall of the chamber and stood there for two minutes, and then went back to its original position.

+Addendum-6661-A D-2034 was put into the chamber, in just five minutes the statue seemed to move, then grab D-2034 and then proceed to bludgeon him by headbutting him on the cranium six times, then it seemed to [DATA EXPUNGED].