Xenon Hybrid| Corruption Monster
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|Item #: SCP-XXXX

|Object Class: Keter

|Special Containment Procedures: Contained in a room with 5 unknown relics that seem to stabilize it. Its foundation is sealed into steel holdings and concrete barrier. No one is allowed into due to the 5 relics. Weird writing is one the wall to also help contain the creature. A urn is in the center of the room to prevent anything from escaping. There are two mirrors that are made with an unknown type of glass and metal. This secures the SCP from escaping. The urn has only a small radius the same size of the room. The room size is 10x 10x

|Description: The SCP cannot be released from its holding cell. If this happens a doomsday scenario will happen instantly. The creature 7" 9" and it is made of an unknown shadow-like substance. The substance seems related to the substance SCP-035 creates. The substance bends and shapes its body. The SCP is always frozen in place unless it detects a threat or anything that is organic.

Testing SCP-7238 BEGIN 10:23 AM
As soon as the Class-D went in, it jumped onto the Class-D instantly. The Class-D was twitching every 4 to 5 seconds. The Class-D was then left alone. SCP-7238 seems to not detect the Class-D as a threat. The Class-D was suffering from and unknown disease. In a 2 hours the Class-D was dead and then it rose up in 1 minute. Like SCP-049 the Class-D was wandering aimlessly. However like SCP-610 and SCP-751 where it would destroy its own organs and replace it however with and unknown cell tissue and it mutates itself randomly in order to survive.
Upon extracting SCP-XXXX-E it would change its DNA. It's skin radiates radiation and it bleeds with the unknown substance. It took many MTF to exterminate it, for it was not affected by the Fusion Rifle except from SCP-127 which easily knocked it.
SCP-7238 had many different tissues and DNA from Loxodontas(African Elephant), Rhinocerotidae(Rhinoceros), Panthera leo(African Lion), Acinonyx jubatus(Cheetah), and even other SCPs. Its bones were replaced with the same substance that SCP-7238. However after 5 minutes SCP-7238-E rose up again. It changed growing two more arms and tentacles from the wounds. The MTFs again used SCP-127 to take down SCP-7238.
SCP-7238 is locked up in the same containment standards without the 5 relics. We have [DATA REDACTED]
END 12:22PM

SCP-XXXX adjusts it body temperature just like a frog. It does not show any emotion of any kind. Upon infection the human body will change on the inside and the outside. The outside will become a green, black, and tan. If any type of armor is on the infected, it will change it completely to a living biological type of armor. The creature thrives on biomass from biological creatures. Infected can only change another person if they acquire a certain amount of biomass. The amount is still unknown. These creatures are best to take down from range, however if any infected takes a ranged weapon it can transform it into a biological living creature. These creatures disrespect all rules of reality.They can change and evolve into creatures of destruction. The weakness of the infection is fire, bug spray, and time. SCP-XXXX-E savages any thing that could be consumable.


  1. Urn: It seems to disorientate the SCP completely. If the cap on the Urn is taken off a type of guardian will come out. This Guardian will warn you and if you don't heed its warning it will kill you. This Guardian is known as SCP-XXXX-B. If SCP-XXXX is released, SCP-XXXX-B will help with containment procedures. The Urn is made of some-type of sedimentary rock. The rock is Unknown. Inside the Urn is some-type of very hot nonflammable liquid that can cure any disease. The Guardian was a doctor, years ago Object Class: Thaumiel/ Euclid
  2. Pile of Orbs: At least one rock can contain this SCP for 1 minute. The rock seems to be made out of some-type of igneous rock that is unknown. The material the round orb is made out of is nearly unbreakable, however Positronic Grenades can break the material completely. We tried to upgrade one of the orbs with SCP-914. Upon upgrading it, it became a capsule that when thrown it will create a Positronic Net. This net is then sucked into the capsule. We hope in the Future that these will be handy during a breakout. Object Class: Safe
  3. 2 Mirrors: These mirrors are made of two unknown materials. Some-type of glass and some-type of rock. These mirrors origin is somewhere in Asia. It was found during a excavation for fossils. It was found with the Urn. If the glass is to break then a different type of guardian will come out of the broken area and will warn you not to do that again. If you don't obey it, it will savage you completely. For SCP-XXXX to escape the Urn's liquid needs to be poured out and at least one mirror needs to be broken. The Mirror Guardian is classified as SCP-XXXX-C. The Guardian will slowly repair the breakage on the mirror. Object Class: Thaumiel/ Euclid
  4. A Old Coin: A coin made of pure gold. If this is kept in any physical contact the person will instantly be Scorched by the coin. The coin seems to have an old Greek god type of picture upon it. If any male looks at the coin they would be drawn towards and they would say that it hold immense power which they would like to weld. Of course upon touching the coin they would burn. It seems that our human body is not worthy of the coin. A page is near the old coin and seems to be attached to it. It is like a Prophecy, and like the coin it is very old. To our knowledge it is 2,000 years old. "Prophecy, One of No purpose of power but purpose of escape, Shall weld the power of those of old" Object Class: Euclid
  5. A Closet with A lock: A mysterious closet made of some unknown dark wood. It is locked with an unknown, unbreakable lock. However at a certain time the lock will open and fall onto the ground mysteriously. It seems that it always opens at █:██AM (Eastward time) and it always locks itself back at 6:00 AM. Every-time it locks itself the camera glitches out and that MTF guard is found dead in his chair. We assume that if you look at the closet it kills you. At one time we sent a Class-D into the area. As soon as he opened the closet door a Squid based life form attacked and slaughtered the Class-D. We believe that is the closet relics Guardian. The other Guardians call him Kraken, but we will call him SCP-XXXX-D. It seems that SCP-XXXX-D is trapped like SCP-XXXX.We don't know what it would do during a breakout.SCP-005 seems to make the lock open but however it does not come off. Strange. Object Class: Euclid
Relatively like SCP-008 the orbs have a negative effect. If any human holds the orbs too long they become

Test 1: Reason: Testing Capsules|Type: Containment|File Name: Contain & Secure 78|Supervisor: Doctor Plymouth ████ (Access_Level 2)|Details: The capsule did not capture the infected however it exploded on contact against it's flesh. [DATA REDACTED]|Test:Successful| Time: ██:██AM|Date:█/█/18
Combat Fitness Report by Doctor Cormac █████████ (Access_Level 2)| SCP-XXXX-E Eliminated all targets with ease. It has increase agility when it finds any organic creature. It was shot multiple times but regenerated those wounds with out a problem. It was completely changed due through all the biomass consumption. The creature created some sort of plant cocoon. A MTF Scientist was sent into examine the cocoon. The Scientist was killed brutally by the cocoon. The cocoon was able to pick up the scientist and dissolve the Scientist with a Dionaea muscipula(Venus Flytrap) like mouth. SCP-7238-E itself can sense any organic creature and is attracted to heat and noise.[DATA REMOVED FOR SAFETY OF THE PEOPLE]
Test 2: Reason:Testing a new weapon|Type: Weapon Test|File Name: Postronic Rifle test|Supervisor: MTF Scientist George ████████ (Access_Level 4)|Details: [DATA REDACTED] The weapon was unsuccessful however it stunned it|Test:Failed|Time:█:██PM|Date: ██/█/18

+Access Denied|Level 2 Permission Needed