SCP-9019 drawn by an artist.

Item #: SCP-9019

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently no containment for SCP-9019 has been devised. Any personnel with suggestions for the containment of SCP-9019 should report to Dr. ██████████. Any and all ideas are welcome, regardless of who suggests them.

Description: SCP-9019 is generally a human male dressed in World War 2 era style clothing that appears in dreams of foundation personnel. Thus far no Foundation Personnel have encountered SCP-9019 in the real world; if he corresponds to an actual human being, we are yet to find him. No reports yet stating that SCP-9019 has been spotted, however their have been drawings of the end of the world/deadly events that are related to SCP-9019's statements. We do not know if this is personnel fooling around, or SCP-9019.

SCP-9019 has been appearing to Foundation personnel since █/██/████. SCP-9019's existence was found when an Overseer Council talked about the end of the world. Other Overseer Council members stated that they had the same dream too, with the same male who fits the picture. These events have yet not happened, and the foundation is trying hard to prevent it if SCP-9019 actually knows the end of the world.

Incident SCP-9019-18; Overseer Council O5-█ and Containment Specialist Director Commander ████ had a dream about a nuclear attack from North Korea. Using technology and spies, it was found North Korea pointed a nuclear missile to DC and was going to fire the missile at 2/██/18. Mobile Task Force stopped the missile from launching. It is now known SCP-9019 can predict catastrophic events.

This item did not receive SCP classification until SCP-990 has said that he is related with another male that appears in foundation personnel's dreams. After SCP-990 stated this, foundation personnel started having dreams with another male. That male fitted SCP-990's statement.

So far there have not been any incidents with SCP-9019 and his predictions. However, there has been reports of SCP-9019 causing personnel to sleep more than average hours the human sleeps.

The foundation is researching about this possible, dangerous SCP. It has been given Keter class as it can kill humans if the item keeps them sleeping for too long.