SCP-91981: Borak

The Borak
Class: Eulcid
File: SCP-91981*
SCP-91981 or "The BORAK" is a tall, grey forest creature that was first discovered by SCP members in —, — Indonesia, on the — June ——. The Borak was never put into contamination due to it's vast aggression against homo-sapiens. SCP-91981 consist of a tall, skeletor structure, in complete grey and covered head to toe in wrinkles. It's hands reach down to it's feat, and you can hear his claws scrape across the grass as he moves.
SCP-91981's reaction to any movement causes it to aggressively attack the source of the sound/movement, until it is no longer moving.
SCP Scientists consider containing SCP-91981 in a thick, metal box, which even it's long claws couldn't get out of.
The SCP's intelligence is unknown.