SCP-99-99 - Number Nine

Item #: SCP-99-99

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-99-99 has to be stored in a small yellow school locker and with a password containing at least 9 characters in the password, the cabinet must be at least 9m. The object must be safe with at least 9 Foundation Guards, and in the case of a test, only nine D-Classes may enter in any case or only in side effect tests, add or withdraw a D-Class. And the closet can only be opened at 9 o'clock and 9 Minutes to be moved to another location at least 9m away from its original location with the same description of Containment, if there is any change in the description of this SCP can cause serious physical damage and psychological.

Description: SCP-99-99 is an image with nine letters being them numbers 9 of gray coloration. The origin of SCP-99-99 is unknown. SCP-99-99 seems to be made of wood but turns out to be different, several tests to destroy or cut SCP-99-99 seem to only result in failure, several attempts at cuts have been made but all failing. Like once a test was being done on SCP-99-99 whose he would be cut in half, and the cerra broke, causing several pieces of the cerra to be thrown around, causing the death of at least the extermination of 9 Class-D Personals.

Three tests about SCP-99-99
██ / ██ / ████ [DATA EXPUNGED]. This time SCP-99-99 was moved to an open room with 10 Class-D Personals, all of them were only sent in and wait for second order, each D-Class gave 9 steps and with that, the last Class -D had a heart attack and fell dead on the floor, holding only 9 Personal D-Class.

██ / ██ / ████ [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-99-99 was moved to the same room previously counting on only 8 Personal D-Class, each D-Class gave 9 steps, and they all started reporting headache immediately after the 9 steps, each of them felt shortly after different synths as one was feeling nausea and blurred vision, the second D-class was feeling a huge high-pitched sound in his right ear, and with that the other D-Class would repeat the same symptoms randomly, until a result, death by attack cardiac.

Unlocked file, Level 2 acess necessary. Standy by...