SCP 5724
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Clearance Level 5: Clearance
Containment Class: keter
Secondary Class: none
Disruption Class: #/keneq
Risk Class: #/danger

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 5724 must be surrounded by a 100x30x200 wall at all times. any personnel trying to touch SCP 5724 must be terminated. 12 armed guards and personnel must maintain the entry of SCP 5724 every day for 16 hours starting from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Description: SCP 5724 is an anomalous jungle, approximately 90 feet tall and 120 feet wide. if any person enters SCP 5724 and stays there for 4 days. then the individual will teleport to SCP 5724-1. SCP 5724-1 is an alternate dimension in which the SCP Foundation was revealed to the public, destroyed by an unknown entity, and all members of the O5 Council dies.

SCP 5724-1 is home to an assortment of animals and entities who inhabit the dimension

SCP 5724-2 is a collection of every psycidellic robotic humanoid in the universe. SCP 5724-2 signifies level 4 reality warping properties and each claims that they the foundation is "blinded by lies and shall ascend fourth". any SCP 5724-2 instance who looks at an individual who works at the SCP Foundation, will turn aggressive toward that person.

when ever an SCP 5724-2 instance is killed, it will dispense blue lava from its veins, but it is unknown if the blood was the lava or its normal blood until the host is killed. when the individual stays in SCP 5724-1 for 1 year the individual will be teleported back to the original dimension 50 feet away from SCP 5724.

Addendum: the foundation noticed SCP 5724 during expedition finding out the origin for SCP 5161.
only 3 mobile task force members made it out alive. here is an inter view with MTF Member Alex Eristal.

Addendum 2 the lost MTF operatives were found near a mountain at Site ██. the personnel reported that they were in an urban dystopian city with a red sky. the foundation located the source of the area in a parallel universe far away from ours. 6 days later discovering that the dimension is hostile to human life. when this discovery the foundation boosted 5724's classification to Keter and a wall was immediately built around it