SCP- Echo

Item # XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to sealed inside of an 8m x 8m x 8m reinforced steel chamber with observation windows being present on all sides, these must be at least .64m thick with two .12m spaces replaced with grade A plexiglas. Observation windows run 6m horizontally along the side walls and any instances of coaching or shattering in the glass is to be reported to any Class C personnel in the vicinity of SCP - XXXX. The inside of the chamber is to be coated with heavy soundproofing and is be at least .15m thick. In the case of SCP - XXXX peeling away the soundproofing, replacement is mandatory. At no point and time should SCP - XXXX come into contact with Class D personnel unless testing is in motion.

Description: SCP - XXXX is a large bipedal humanoid standing around 6m in hight, weight is inconsistent as SCP - XXXX has been shown to be weightless, but still obeys the laws of physics. Further testing is needed. It's skin is revealed to contain no pigmentation anywhere visible. Most of SCP - XXXX is covered up with degraded, old, gauze - like cloth that covers it's biceps, it's abdominal region, and the top half of it's head. A large incision is seen running vertically along the middle of SCP - XXXX's front and back half of it's body, each of XXXX's forearms contain similar incisions running horizontally around them. All of these incisions are potentially held together with a style of stitching reminiscent of modern style medical stitching. SCP - XXXX appears to wear classic boot - cut blue jeans, although XXXX's feet are not visible at the bottom of the hems. Attempts to remove the cloth, the stitches, and the jeans have resulted in failure. The bottom half of SCP - XXXX's head reveal short, spikey, black hair sticking out from under of the gauze wrapped around it's head. XXXX's face lacks any curvature, and no signs of any nasal entries. It's mouth is wide, and in a constant state of smiling, with corners of the mouth slightly extending into the cheeks and curve upwards. No eyes are visible. After many tests it is recorded that SCP - XXXX is capable of speech and fluently speaking a wide range of languages. It's voice is low, rough, and hissy. XXXX is cooperative with interviews and will look for any social interaction in general. These behaviors are distinct in Class C and higher, while Class D are treated with aggression and will be attacked by SCP - XXXX. On occasion, SCP - XXXX will stare at a Class D personnel, after 5 minutes of exposure to Class D, XXXX will start stating death threats, or start making the ticking noises that of clocks. After the threats aforementioned time is passed, a large, low bell toll can be heard from the targeted Class D, and the subject will start to suffocate. After an average of ~10 minutes, the subject will die. Afterwards, the body will shrivel into an empty husk. After the body reduces to extremely dry conditions, it will disintegrate, leaving only an ash - like substance in the shape of SCP - XXXX's mouth. The ash is shown to be dehydrated blood flakes. This process happens in under 5 seconds of the subject's death. When the subject's remains come in physical contact with any personnel, SCP - XXXX screams, these have been measured to be over 169 decibels. This process will last ~17 minutes at the least. Once this process is finished, SCP - XXXX will return to it's average state of behavior. SCP - XXXX has been capable of incredible amounts of strength being able to lift over 9,630kg of steel with just one of it's arms( as seen in test T-4). Exposure to cognitohazard SCPs has shown no effect on SCP - XXXX leading researchers to believe that SCP-XXXX is immune to mental control, or it has no brain.