SCP Gab Hab

Item #: SCP-5477

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") are to monitor any possible mentions of SCP-5477 manifestations and travel to the suspected area to contain the suspect instance(s). Captured SCP-5477 instances are held at Research-Site-240 for study.

Any civilians aware of SCP-5477's existence are to be interrogated and amnesticized.

Description: SCP-5477 is the designation for a group of indestructible invertebrate that resembles various types of houses. The appearance of these houses vary, but will always take form of a house reasonably suited to the surrounding houses within it's peripheral surroundings.

Close examination of SCP-5477 instances reveal that they're composition should instead result to activity equivalent to non-anomalous houses. Thus, unfortunately, no important information could be recovered to refine current containment procedures.

SCP-5477 instances are sentient with theoretical cognitive and executive functions equivalent to a human brain. Movement by SCP-5477 instances are directed via unknown internal parts. However, it is clearly known that SCP-5477 moves without any rotation or more specifically, any locomotive gait. It instead moves without moving any other parts to direct itself from a certain locus to another.

Instances will sometime consume a wide-range of animals, preferably humans. It is thought that the instances preferably consumes humans as it is generally best suited at capturing such prey. It is currently unknown why SCP-5477 instances consume as it does not have any needs to survive.