Item #: SCP-██

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-██ is to be kept inside a locked, compact steel storage unit (measuring 41×21 inches) held within the foundation's armory until situation is in critical need. All non critical usage of SCP-██ is to be undergo approval by one(1) Level 3 personnel. Should SCP-██ shows damage of any kind, it is to be discarded and replaced immediately after notice.

Description: SCP-██ is the result of a modern day riot shield being subjected to the (Very Fine) setting of SCP-914. SCP-██ is a (40×20 inch) ballistics shield made up of a transparent plastic material bearing the foundation logo with a black steel handle. However, SCP-██'s anomalous properties only show when in contact with any sort of kinetic trauma as SCP-██ will show no signs of damage or scratching and will continue to function as thought. When SCP-██ is struck by an impact of any kind, 98.9% of all the kinetic energy is absorbed and dissipated, giving no discomfort or recoil to it's wielder.

on several occasions, the use of SCP-██'s trauma resistance have proven useful on saving staff personnel and containing SCPs

Extent of SCP-██'s anomalous properties have been tested with the use of various different calibers and blunt force trauma, ranging from .22LR to tests using high explosives, all found to be ineffective of causing even minor damage to SCP-██. In addition to it's indestructible properties, SCP-██'s plastic base also acts as a screen tagging locations of nearby hostile SCP's and their distance to the wielder. After confirming that SCP-██'s abilities have proven effective on several occasions, it has been debated weather to whether to keep SCP-██'s class as safe or a change to thaumiel.