Scp The Other World


Object Class: Keter

Scp-2.1 is a portal that can be active activated by other kinds of Scps objects an explorer found this portal a long time ago in 1980 he still remembers the horrible things happened in there Scp-2.1 is a gateway to another world that resembles our world but different we talk to this man about the other objects he refused to talk but the last thing he told us that it can only be on by a special item we tried to figure out what the special item it but we couldn’t find it but then we found how to open the portal an antic store had what we needed we place the stone Scp-2.1-1 in the pillar and the portal opened and what was in the portal was a cave.A cave? we send a team task force in the portal they went out and explore the world every thing seems find at first but then every thing went to shit.

We found a factory we went in the factory and what we saw was a nightmare it looked nice for a second but its face was horrible it was like a nightmare we ran and things got worse. can you describe what the creature look like. Ok. it had a human face but its face was like two like I'm saying that it had a giant mouth underneth its face and it started to crawl when we got out it follow and it wasnt just its face it had a body it had two hands on its neck and two hands on its body it stud up with its giant body and scream saying where did you little creatures come from we found out that this thing made the factory and it was the only one we notice that it had a tail like imagine a fox tail but its fur was flesh this tail also had mouth but open on all fours then a red blood came out and thing like monsters sea monsters came out of it and they where like a lot like there was a lot of them but fuck up some had human faces all over there body but otheres had them on there face but there chens had mouths like the big one did anyways it notice and said look what you did now. Now i have to clean all this meat up it was like it was using what came out of it like food source. where was i oh yeah it came cawling at use and trying to find us and some of us was lost others where eaten by that thing me and my friend ran through the portal.when we came out the hand of the creature came through as will I tryed to hold my comrads hand while the guards where shooting at its hand my hand sliped and he was gone they removed the artifact and the portal was closed. did you figured out what it was. yes but its a thery this thing was once a human we found photos of this thing being a human but it was turning into what it is today.did you get all of the photos. no why? we need to see all of the photos to see if its true. but it is.. (gun click) wha..what are you doing your eye. what no NO PLZ DONT PLZ I.. I PLZ I CA..!!!! (Bang) the world it self can change a person in to a monster but it was posibale that the creature in side was human once but turned 10 years later we found out whats been changing our men and its the red liquid in side of it is micro animals that have human faces and can grow large enough that they can come out of the red liquid when they eat enough of there own every last one of them are different and random we pourd the red liquid in class D-1125 and he changed into a creature that is on the ceiling and started to puke out sea creatures and meat out of its self and began to turn into a giant four lined mouth with no legs And arms. It begin to transformation into a spawner to spawn all of the sea creatures and none sea creatures.No further testing requierd.

Specal Containment: This is something else a world of of infinite with all of and kind of creatures but it is good that the portal only can send us to a forest and nothing can come though to our world but one can.