Here comes the Titanosaurus!

Item #: SCP-4576

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4576 is to be kept in a 400 meters(m) long and 900 meters(m) wide rectangular shaped forest. If any breach occure, MTF Phi-2 ("Clever girls") Is to be deployed. SCP-4576 is to be fed every 18 hours with only Cedar type of trees. If any personnel attempt to provoke SCP-4576, personnel is to be terminated immediately. If any "Code-47" event happen, all personnel on sites must be evacuated immediately.

Description: SCP-4576 is a Titanosaurus from late Cretaceus with a weight of 2.7 tonnes, and a height approximately 12.4 meters, and a 17 meters lenght. SCP-4576 was discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED],Africa. SCP-4576 is now contained in Site-██. SCP-4576 food consist a ton of Cedar leaves, and 5 round stone with a diameter approximately 120 centimeters. If SCP-4576 is not fed every 20 hours, or if the food is not Cedar, SCP-4576 will immediately enter "Full berserk mode" state, and trigger "Code-47" event, See addendum 1 for further info.

SCP-4576 "Full berserk mode" cannot be avoided and shall be avoided at all costs. "Full berserk mode" consists SCP-4576 enter a berserk mode, where it will attack any humanoid entities near it. SCP-4576 then will continue being in that state for atleast a complete day. SCP-4576 then proceed into a dormant state, when it hibernate for a full month.

In SCP-4576 is in a dormant state, SCP-4576 is to be injected 4000 ml of nutrients (that includes Vitamin A, B, C, Calcium, and Proteins) Every 24 hours. Any personnel that attempt to disturb SCP-4576 in dormant state, personnel is to be terminated in place. If SCP-4576 is not injected any nutrients in a current day, SCP-4576 will trigger [DATA EXPUNGED].