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Item #: SCP-6944


Image taken during an attack. Lost a guard and a D-Class

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6944 is to be stored in a 6ft by 6ft box with the walls reinforced by 2 inches of solid steel. There should be at least 1 guard at the door at all times. There will be 4 cameras in the containment room at all times. When the figure in the TV starts to move and the tv screen turns fuzzy and static, alarm should be sounded to call for at least 4 more guards each armed with a M4 caliber to go inside the containment room. When going inside, all electrical devices must be disabled. If electrical device is to be seen inside the containment cell, SCP-6944-1 or SCP-6944-2 will immediately grab the person closest to it inside it's sub dimension producing another copy of SCP-6944-3 and so on. Two guards will stand at the door while 3 or more guards will head inside to contain the TV. 2 guards must be keeping eye on the figure while the other should go and try to unplug the TV. The TV will plug itself back in about 2 hours later. This activity is still unknown how it happens to this day.

Description: SCP-6944 was a TV found in a house of a dead Lady Named [Data Expunged] who was thought to be alive but when neighbors checked they found her skeleton on the couch with the TV still on. When the neighbors looked at the TV, they saw a faint shadowy figure. When one of the neighbors decided to look closer, the TV turned fuzzy and the figure started to mover. Then a hand reached out from a wall and grabbed the 1st neighbor inside the wall. Then another figure appeared in the TV. The figures are known as SCP-6944-A and SCP-6944-B. Turns out that SCP-6944-A and -B are attracted to electronics and will reach out from an unknown dimension to pull it back in. When unplugged it will plug itself in about 2 hours later. Regardless of if there will be electricity on the other end, as long as the other end of the plug touches something, it will turn on again. SCP-6944-A tries to escape whenever it can while SCP-6944-B does not seem to mind. We are still not sure what caused these static events. Anybody that is in the same room with SCP-6944 for more than 5 minutes will experience vast hallucinations and vomit an unknown liquid. After a few days, they will suddenly vanish.

Interviewed: SCP-6944-A

Interviewer: Dr. [Data Expunged]

Foreword: SCP-6944-A was interviewed via microphone a few hours after another static screen.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Why did you do that?

SCP-6944-A: Static*
Interviewer: What?

SCP-6944-A: Static* The- Grabbed- Me- Inside- Very- Dark-
<End Log>

Closing Statement: It seems like SCP-6944-A can communicate verbally and is sapient. SCP-6944-A does not seem to like it in the TV

End Of Report