Item #: SCP-9090

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9090 is to be contained in 6 meter by 6 meter room inside that room is a 1 meter by 1 meter cube of 25 centimetre thick bullet proof glass, inner cube has locking mechanism that can open back panel for removal of SCP-9090.

Description: SCP-9090 is a historic gladiator style of helmet. Crafted from gold and steel it is showing the effects of time. SCP-9090 has a long visor that wraps around the full circumference of the helmet starting from above the eye holes and slanting down to protect the back of the neck. It also sports a Mohawk that goes from the top of the head down to where the visor is on the back, although severely sun bleached the Mohawk still holds a dim almost pink red. The face of SCP-9090 is one bar approximately 2.5 centimetre wide with 1 centimetre wide rings to cover the rest of the face area, the area by where the chin starts there is a round area that is made to protect the neck that starts where the rings end and slant outward. The last outstanding detail other than the massive amounts of corrosion is the giant spikes on the head, on both sides of the Mohawk 8 of them in perfect symmetry sit scattered over the top.

Discovery: SCP-9090 was discovered by an excavation team not related to the SCP Foundation. upon discovery it was sold off to a museum in Rome. on delivery it was being moved to display, SCP-9090 was put on by the worker moving it. Effects on the work were instant. The worker became very hostile and started to attack everyone in the area. The worker had acquired a trident not stolen at the museum. The worker was killed by cops arriving on scene, once taken down the cops seized the helmet. After reaching the helmet and taking it off the worker Sargent [REDACTED] had discovered that the worker now had 16 holes in his head. They were arranged in the same order as the giant spikes. Sargent [REDACTED] stated to feel dizy and put SPC-9090 on, reports from the other officers say he reached to his left forearm and pulled out a gladius. Upon termination of the Sargent SCP-9090 was covered in thick curtains found at the museum. From there it was collected by the foundation.

Testing: Since the recovery of SCP-9090 test have been carried out over the past 7 months in containment. All test have the same results. A D class personnel is given the key and put in side of SCP-9090's containment cell, upon entry the D class personnel has opened and proceed to put SCP-9090 on without any direction to. It seems to pull people in to putting it on, this is the reason why all SCP personnel that work with SCP-9090 have to pass an obedience test with an 83 or better. Upon putting SCP-9090 on the D class personnel Screams in a mix of agony and rage, after they pull a weapon out of what is observed to be a small portal that opens on their left forearm. Resulting from that portal is some sort of melee weapon, recorded weapons are, Trident, Gladius, small buckler, saber, and a war hammer. The person wearing SCP-9090 had no reaction to anything but does yell Latin phrases such as, Orvi Carrisimus, Audaces fortuna iuwat, mars me adiuvat, and demissa macta. No subjects have been able to speak Latin prior to testing. It also seems to have one desire, and that is to kill, but not only people if an animal is introduced SCP-9090 becomes hostile to it too. After termination of SCP-9090 wearer it is to be wrapped up in a thick sheet of fabric and placed back in containment and locked.