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Item#: 5257
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Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5257 is to be contained in a 20x20x20 meter steel containment cube at all times within Site-55 and checked by one (1) Level 4 staff member on a bi-weekly basis via a security camera. SCP-5257's containment cube is to be heated to a temperature of 350~ Fahrenheit for no less than 3 seconds and no more than 20 seconds. Should SCP-5257's chamber be heated for greater than 3 seconds, Emergency-Protocol-5257 is to be put in effect immediately. (See Incident 5257.A for more details.)

Every 3 weeks, two (2) Level 4 personnel in hazmat suits are to replace parts of the containment area. During this process, personnel are to be extremely cautious and have emergency protocols in place in the event of a SCP-5257 containment breach.

Personnel who are infected by SCP-5257 are to be terminated on-sight by a stationed security guard stationed to monitor the cube.

In the event that SCP-5257 breaches containment, Site-55 is to be put under immediate lock-down. Personnel leaving Site-55 are to be terminated unless monitored for any evidence of SCP-XXXX. Once all unaffected personnel leave Site-55, Mobile Task Force Beta-20 ("Rocket Speed") and Mobile Task Force Beta-36 ("Germ Killers") are to be dispatched to Site-55. Mobile Task Force Beta-20 are to secure the area and re-contain any anomalies while Beta-36 will re-contain SCP-XXXX. Sterilization of the whole site is to be executed afterwards. After all anomalies are contained, Site-55 personnel are to be reassigned to normal containment tasks.

Emergency-Protocol-5257: This procedure involves a full site evacuation of all personnel. Once Site-55 is clear of all personnel, a team of Level 5 builders are to be selected. After selection, personnel are to wait until explosion. Once SCP-5257 explodes, team is to rebuild site. More builders may be required if Site-55 is completely destroyed.

Note that full rebuilding of Site-55 is not required, and some anomalies are allowed to be re-contained at other sites.

Description: SCP-5257 is an amorphous, anomalous species of mold that has currently not been identified as of yet.

SCP-5257 will constantly grow in size at a constant rate, and will continue growing indefinitely. In some cases, SCP-5257 had grown to sizes up to 300 meters in 1.2 years, causing damage to the area surrounding it including the containment chamber.

SCP-5257 is sentient, and can move around (via rolling) intelligently. In fact, it has shown impressive ability to understand it's surroundings and have a full self-awareness during containment breaches. Scanning has revealed no material within SCP-5257 that is usually crucial for intelligence at SCP-5257's level of cognition.

When SCP-5257 touches any material, SCP-5257 will shed a microscopic amount of it's mass onto the material. This mold will cause slow degeneration of the affected material over the process of several hours.

If SCP-5257 is heated at any higher than a certain temperature for a deviating amount of time, SCP-5257 will start absorbing all heat energy around it. After a certain amount of time, SCP-5257 will detonate. The power of the detonation heavily depends on it's current size and the amount of absorbed heat energy. SCP-5257 will then immediately restore back to it's form prior to absorption.

Addendum 5257.1: Testing logs

D-1344 is a male, 26. D-1344 is a mentally stable, convicted of accidental murder during a car crash while looking at his phone.
00:00, D-1344 is placed into containment chamber.
00:00, D-1344 complains of disgust. D-1344 asks to leave the chamber, denied.
00:04, SCP-5257 rolls onto D-1344's shoe, subject jumps back after seeing.
00:07, SCP-5257 shows signs of curiosity and slowly approaches SCP-5257 before jumping onto subject.
00:07, Subject screams before trying to remove SCP-5357 from subject, unsuccessful.
00:10, SCP-5257 climbs body, before jumping again onto subject's face.
00:10, Subject screams again. Subject attempts to remove SCP-5257 once again, failed. Subject sits down, "giving up".
00:20, Subject starts screaming again, this time from pain. Security footage reveals Subject's face melting, SCP-5257 remains stationary.
00:25, SCP-5257 enters mouth, possibly into subject's esophagus. Subject dies from asphyxiation while screaming for help. SCP-5257 was left within subject for approximately 3 days before

D-4333 is a mentally unstable woman, age 34. Subject is convicted of attempted murder of several police officers.
00:00, Subject is placed into chamber. Subject tries to squish SCP-5257 while laughing hysterically.
00:02, Subject removes shoe from SCP-5257. Subject seems to be surprised at this point.
00:02, SCP-5257 jumps onto subject. Subject screams, before trying to eat SCP-5257. SCP-5257 retaliates and jumps onto eye, burning the subject's eyes. Subject starts screaming from pain.
00:22, SCP-5257 jumps off subject. Subject appears to have fully lost eyes. Subject continually screams.
00:24, SCP-5257 tortures subject for approximately 25 minutes by entering [DATA EXPUNGED] and digging in from that point on. SCP-5257's behavior appears to indicate that it is angry from subject squishing it.
00:49, SCP-5257 enters esophagus again. Subject dies from asphyxiation. SCP-5257 exits out of the mouth. SCP-5257 remains stationary.

Note: The hell? Why isn't she in some asylum? - Dr. Gabriel

D-03234 is a mentally stable man, age 19. Subject is convicted of murdering both parents.
00:00, D-03234 is placed into chamber. Subject curiously looks at SCP-5257 before backing away.
00:00, SCP-5257 moves forward, presumably out of curiousity.
00:00, D-03234 attempts to break out of chamber, SCP-5257 slowly moves closer.
00:01, D-03234 attempts to run around the containment chamber before stopping to breathe.
00:03, SCP-5257 surprises D-03234 by jumping onto subject. SCP-5257 asphyxiates subject by entering mouth once again, killing subject.
00:04, SCP-5257 exits D-03234's corpse.
00:04, SCP-5257 moves around D-03234's corpse, possibly to examine it.

General Note: It appears that SCP-5257 loves to asphyxiate subjects. - Researcher, James Wilson.


Incident 5257.A: Containment Breach

Date: February 16, 1982.
Context: Dr. Canthel attempts to neutralize SCP-5257 by heating temperature to 400~ Fahrenheit for approximately 10 minutes. This results in SCP-5257 self destructing, a blast radius of over 15 kilometers immediately destroyed all of Site-55 and killed all personnel within, along with the neutralization of several anomalies. Site-55 was successfully rebuilt in August of 1983.

Dr. Canthel's notes. Recovered within the crater of the blast, apparently readable.

I kinda wonder why no one is trying to neutralize SCP-5257, are you all scared or something?
Alright, I turned on the heat. Seems pretty normal, SCP-5257 is getting smaller.
Same thing, I think we could terminate this. I mean, I thought there was going to be some twist, but nope.
Well, there is a bit of a twist. SCP-5257 has just stopped shrinking, it's getting a bit luminous. I can see it burning but it's just there.
This has been happening for a while, SCP-5257 has gotten even more luminous. I'm calling some staff to get out.
Shit. It's like… Igniting? I can't fucking see it. It's so goddamn bright but I can see it igniting. I called security to handle it.
Oh damn it, even hotter than before. I turned this off. It'

Note: The entry ends, it is thought that at this point SCP-5257 exploded.


Addendum 5257.2: For Medical Staff

Hello, medical staff. So it appears that you are needed due to the SCP-5257 outbreak, so we filed some procedures for you to do. This will keep you and everyone else outside the site safe from the personnel infected by SCP-5257.

First and most important of all, don't go touching the victim. This should be obvious for you. Since this thing is a deadly plague.
The right thing to do is to place the person within a containment chamber, and ask a person some questions. Here is a list to help:

  • Have you felt any pain that started only a few hours/minutes back?
  • Have you visually seen mold in this facility?
  • If so, have you had any contact with this mold?
  • What does the mold look like?

After you ask an individual some of your questions, write them on a clipboard. After, thoroughly examine the individual for any sign of tiny mold, this will require the person to be looked under a microscope. After you examine this individual, you can either let the individual out or kill him.
Your killing method can be anything, but I would recommend a painless death via gunshot to the head.
If the individual is affected, incinerate the individual after he is killed. Clean up the area after, then rinse and repeat for every other individual. We luckily have about 100 of you and lots of containment chamber replacements, so don't expect it to take extremely long. There is also only about 250 individuals in this small site.
Remember, violating these rules is ground for termination.


Addendum 5257.3: Recovered Document.

Shit, apart of Site-55 just exploded. I think about half of Site-55's SCPs just breached containment, and I bet that I'm apart of the last 50 people. You might be wondering how the hell this happened, apparently some jackass decided to heat the temperature up. Didn't end too well for him, or to anyone in here in general. I contacted MTF-Beta-30 and Beta-36, they'll take at least 13 hours.

I'll probably be dead by that time, if I don't die because of an anomaly or some stupid idiot shooting me for no goddamn reason, I'll probably die a more painful death. I was dangerously near to the blast, so I expect to die from a painful radiation sickness.