SCP-XXXX:The sound kills(Made by Lallana).

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-XXXX must be contained in three electrified barbed wire fences to prevent any unauthorized entry into the site. There should be two 46-meter towers,each containing two guards,each with a range of cameras installed in each tower inside. Cameras should be monitored at all times and an alert should be triggered if any abnormal activity/manifestation is detected. The entire area of ​​the SCP-XXXX must be surrounded by a high wall,supervise by cameras by a guard of each tower. No unauthorized person should enter the premises. The guards are ordered to capture the person and interrogate her in a maximum security area about how she got information about the place. After questioning,an amnesiac should be applied in person and a greater control of SCP-XXXX information should be applied. If any type of demonstration takes place on site,guards must activate all necessary security means to neutralize the demonstration.

All apartments,in addition to all construction sites located within the condominium,must contain bulbs that must always be replaced one week prior to exhaustion. All places with lamps or any kind of more specific lighting should be supervised at all times. All windows or spaces in the condominium buildings must be filled with armored steel to prevent any anomaly sighted from leaving.

No photo of the condominium must be released in order to avoid any attempt to infiltrate or attempt to search for it.

Description: The SCP is a condominium located in █████,███████. The condominium has a set of 30 white buildings,each monitored and with about 10 floors,measuring 3 meters each. The condominium was evacuated at the request of the government █████ in year █████,due to the manifestation of SCP-XXXX B. When there is no manifestation of SCP-XXXX B,the condominium is completely silent and illuminated,not having any external view due to the properties of the special containment procedures that keep SCP-XXXX isolated.

Any type of animal or plant life can not be within a radius of 90 meters of the SCP-XXXX,since any type of sound manifestation of the SCP-XXXX B has certain scope. The SCP-XXXX B is a sound manifestation without known physical manifestation that houses the condominium. The SCP-XXXX B only manifests itself when there is no lighting in the condominium and when there is some kind of animal or plant life nearby. SCP-XXXX B releases a kind of constant tinnitus that causes migraine,bleeding into the nose, mouth and eyes,severe headaches and compulsive violence. After the buzzing,any kind of animal or vegetable life that has heard it begins to get agitated,paranoid and violent. Anything found in or near the condo with such properties should be neutralized quickly. If someone with such properties escapes and comes into contact with mankind,he will release the same buzz and will cause people to acquire their properties. After releasing the buzz, the infected begins to dehydrate and lose calories quickly,becoming a live carcass.

All findings related to the SCP-XXXX B were discovered one morning in ██ / ██ / ████,where,two in the morning,several condominium owners complained of a buzz in their homes. After a few minutes,the condominium owners began to attack and bleed violently from their mouths,noses and ears. Condo owners had to be neutralized quickly.