Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be contained within a large humanoid cell lined with Molybdenum walls, floors and ceiling. The cell should resemble a small winter forest filled with living evergreen trees. Behind the Molybdenum walls must be a minimum of 2 meters of Polyurethane Foam. The cell is to have cameras installed inside of cold resistant materials to prevent damage. There are to be two (2) guards armed with outside of SCP-4000's containment cell at all times. There is also to be constant watch of SCP-4000 via camera feed to watch for containment breach. SCP-4000 is to be kept at Site-███ until further notice due to O5 ████'s order

Description: SCP-4000 is a humanoid standing 1.7 meters. SCP-4000 wears a light blue hoodie, black pants and finger-less gloves. SCP-4000 appears to be the age of a 15 year old or so male. SCP-4000 can make objects that it touches down to -30 Celsius. Tests have been somewhat unsuccessful due to SCP-4000 being able to seemingly control the temperature at will and typically does not comply with staff during tests. SCP-4000 has been found to harbor regenerative powers. This was found out when an accidental firearm discharge happened at Site-███ and hit SCP-4000. Upon damage, SCP-4000 practically instantaneously begins to "heal" the area of damage. When injured, what appears to be snow flies out of the injury spot. Said substance is unknown due to how fast it disperses after leaving SCP-4000 leaving inadequate samples.

SCP-4000 is hostile towards any sorts of anti-cold/frost substances but is not hostile towards anti-cold/frost materials such as building materials. If any D-Class or higher personnel come within 6 meters or 20 feet of SCP-4000 with any fire, ice-melt salt, anti-freeze, flamethrowers, etc will be attacked but not killed. SCP-4000's attacks range from stabbings using icicles made from the surrounding cold or by breaking bones and freezing appendages to death in mere seconds when touching or grasping said appendage. SCP-4000's touch is only lethal when provoked, in any other time, it is non-lethal. To prevent any such attacks, any personnel in the containment ward SCP-4000 resides will be checked at checkpoints for any such provoking materials.

SCP-4000 is able to vocalize when it wants. SCP-4000 has a voice that of a male teenager with a slight deeper voice. When not vocalizing, SCP-4000 communicates via sign language. Further research is needed to know why SCP-4000 chooses to not vocalize. SCP-4000 mainly vocalizes during leisure time. In leisure time, SCP-4000 is allowed to have a minimum of two (2) Canis lupus familiaris; familiarly known as Huskies. SCP-4000 is very playful with said animals and talks to them as if they were pets. Tests have shown that even typically violent Canis lupus familiaris are gentle and playful around SCP-4000. Whether it is due to anomalous or natural phenomena is currently unknown, further research is needed to conclude if SCP-4000 is telepathic in nature or not.

Addendum: SCP-4000 was located after sudden and unexplained whether reports came from ████████, Alaska on 6/24/█████. Agent █████ was sent in acting as a weather analyst with a group of disguised Foundation staff. Agent █████ quickly interviewed any residents willing to do an interview.

Interviewed: Resident Scott Mitchell, age: 64

Interviewer: Agent █████

<Begin Log,>

Agent █████: "Good afternoon Mr. Mitchell.

Scott Mitchell: "Please. Call me Scott."

Agent █████: "Ok, Scott. Tell me, what did you see on the day of the incident?

Scott Mitchell: "Well. I was outback on my ranch and in the distance, just a mile from my property is a forest of evergreens, from there I saw storm clouds above figuring it was about to rain because it was June, our rainy season you see. And about twenty minutes later it started to snow. It was nothing like I've ever seen. A few times I thought I saw a person out in the forest, but I couldn't figure out their age from that distance. The grass around the center of the forest was dead and many trees had a lot of ice on 'em."

Agent █████: "Was there anything else you noticed?"

Scott Mitchell: "Yeah. There seemed to be a lot of local dogs runnin' into that forest for some reason. My own damn dog ran in there."

Agent █████: "And what is your dog's breed?"

Scott Mitchell: "What for?"

Agent █████: "Curious, that's all."

Scott Mitchell: "Oh, ok. I have a two year old Husky, her name is Stella.

Agent █████: "Ah, ok. Well, that's all we needed

<End Log,>

Closing Statement: Everyone in the town was given level C amnestics that wiped their memory of the past 48 hours and a standard media blackout event occurred.