SCP-zzzz (The cozy jacket)

Item #: SCP-zzzz

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-zzzz is to be put in a 2-meter by 2-meter closet with a coathanger as its resting place. All personnel are allowed to use SCP-zzzz. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to cut open SCP-zzzz.

Description: SCP-zzzz is an adult size 19██ winter jacket with wool on the inside. SCP-zzzz keeps its wearer at 90 degrees Fahrenheit in any amount of cold or heat. When cut open everyone in a 3-meter radius will get radiation poisoning, then it will repair itself with a patch.


D-4456 is told to put on SCP-zzzz, he complies. The room’s temperature then drops 300 degrees Celsius. D-4456 says

“Wow this is really warm compared to that metal with frost forming on it”

“Can I keep this?”

D-4456’s request was denied