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Item #: SCP-4757

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: scp-4757 is to kept in a standard storage locker on site 19 and is not to be touched or tested without level four or higher clearance .
SCP-4757 is not to be ingested by anyone see TEST 1

Description: SCP-4757 appears to be a red and white coloured pack of chewing gum with the name **DRAGON BLAZE GUM ** on it as well as a dragon laying on the letters. on the back is details about the gum as well as its pricing which is in GBP meaning this item appears only in the uk , no other information can be found on the chewing gum .the chewing gum can only be described as similar to the chewing gum brand EXTRA . it has a strong smell of peppermint and a red texture. current anomalous affects only activate when ingested by a human during which time the human will be transformed by unknown means into a dragon

Addendum: scp-4757 was retrieved from redacted Somerset after a household had collapsed from unknow causes presumably the dragon.
The dragon was seen running on all fours from the collapsed building seemingly in distress .
The dragon was captured an hour later after exhausting itself by running and was labelled as SCP-4757-1

TEST 1: 08:00 am D-CLASS-84559 is placed in a cell and is requested to ingest one of the SCP-4757's in the pack .

08:05 D-class laughs " hey this is new for once its not dangerous or is it gonna come to life and eat me " the last part was made jokingly due to the D-class's interaction with SCP-799 .

08:07 The D-Class ingest the SCP-4757 sample nothing note worthy appears to happen " wow this is very strong and minty " .

08:12 after five minute's the D-class begins to complain of a burning sensation building up in their chest .

08:13 D-class request the heating in the cell be turned down to which they are informed that there is no heating in that cell . a large amount of sweat is soon building up on the D-classes face

08:15 D-class collapses to the floor panting as their body spasms and convulses

08:17 D-class seems to have died as all body movement has ceased

08:22 the D-class is enveloped in smoke and steam blocking the researchers view of the subject

08:23 sprinklers are activated in the cell revealing a small dragon covered in orange and yellow fur as well as tatters of D-class uniform 'D-Class is now referred to as D-class-4757-A'

08:35 questions are attempted on D-class-4757-A the only responses from the newly transformed D-class was head tilts and a look of confusion1

08:40 to 11:30 same tests were repeated two more times yielding the same results. D-class-4757-A , B and C have been moved to site REDACTED where they can be studied properly

personal note from researcher RO: " I don't advise further testing with this anomaly "

Item #: SCP-4757-1

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Description: SCP-4757-1 is a 25ft tall furred dragon with colouration of white as primary fur colour and red being secondary.
SCP-4757-1 has a wing span of 40 ft in width .The SCP is social and known to be kind and helpful when able to be .
The scp is known to have its occasional temper tantrum when it gets upset or if it can't have its own way which then leads to protocol: time-out.2 There is also the issue of when the SCP gets scared from a nightmare or containment breach3

containment procedures: SCP-4757-1 is contained in a 14x14x14 metre cell furnished with bedding. Access to its cell is prohibited to level 1 staff unless instructed to enter by a superior

Interviewed: SCP-4757-1

Interviewer: researcher RO

<Begin Log, 12:45 am >

Interviewer: "SCP-4757-1 please tell us how you came into the possession of the anomaly "

SCP-4757-1: " I I think I bought it at the new ice cream truck that's been going around town " SCP-4757-1 is interrupted by researcher RO

Interviewer: "SCP-4757-1 are you able to describe the vehicle in a better description"

SCP-4757-1: the SCP nods ** " yes it was a white ice cream truck with flames sprayed on the back and sides it also had weird yellow wheels and an ice cream on the top of it "
Interviewer:** " Thank you for your co-operation SCP-4757 I will-" (researcher RO is interrupted by the SCP
SCP-4757-1: "w-when can I leave its not very fun here there's nothing to do"
Interviewer: ( researcher RO stays silent getting the mtf to take SCP4757-1 back to their cell)
<End Log, 13:05pm > the interview ends without any issues 4

Closing Statement: SCP-4757-1 is noted to try be helpful

scribbled out note from researcher RO " should make a separate document for her she doesn't deserve to be here she never asked for this but then again a lot of us didn't ask to be here.

SCP-4757-1 shows a caring nature as shown in addendum-2A

ADDENDUM-2A video starts showing a larger cell directly next to the camera is one of the janitorial staff is stood on what can be assumed is an extended ladder
12:50 janitorial staff is seen changing the lights in SCP-4757-1's cell without any help appear to be balancing the ladder on their own

13:00 janitorial staff member begins to wobble on the ladder as they lose their balance nearly falling off the ladder

13:05 SCP-4757-1 holds the ladder seeing that the person could get hurt if they fall

13:15 the light has been replaced. the janitorial staff worker is lead out of the SCP's cell

13:16 end of selected video there is a note connected to the end of the video file "the scp seems to enjoy being visited gonna change her access restrictions so anyone can visit her other than D-Class and level one researchers " DR- REDACTION CORRUPTED

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