SCP 851212 is a Fence triangle statue it’s structure is made out of 4 triangles and in the middle is a very dark green moss if anything comes Contact with the moss the moss will rise up into a triangle shape. Than the moss will make a Square shape in the middle of its Self to show a black hole. The black hole then will shoot out a note that will say.
8 5 12 12. Witch if you go in the alphabet and Count 8 it will lead you to h 5 will lead you to e and 12 will lead you to l and do 12 again will get l and it will spell hell. After 4 minutes a t-Rex made out of stone will jump out and will follow the person that through the thing in it . The t-Rex is 30 metres tall and it’s running speed can get to 50k to …k and this can not be Contained because it is very strong it can Break through metal. If you want to see this SCP you can but you have to get permission from Dr…….. so don’t go to it.