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A disinterred coffin suspected of SCP-X vandalism.

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Periodic interruptions in SCP-X's containment are an expected component of the anomaly's nature. Once confirmed, SCP-X is to be contained in a modified humanoid containment chamber at the nearest Foundation site.

When SCP-X is uncontained, reports of partial corpses are to be investigated and cases with avian activity prioritized. Foundation zoologists are to be consulted to determine the most likely site of future activity.

Description: SCP-X is a dissociative personality that presents across individuals (termed "instances") as an elderly, English-speaking male. SCP-X can be identified by a sudden change in vocal and behavioral idiosyncrasies, self-admittance, and its canonical rapport with Foundation personnel.1 This personality may be elicited from instances by applying persuasive psychological techniques, sufficient psychological duress, or pharmacological agents known to produce fugue states.2

Instances are not aware of SCP-X's underlying presence and do not recall episodes of SCP-X's emergence. They frequent graveyards and/or burial sites and have been sighted near locations where cadavers (termed "victims") are found half-consumed.3 At the time of writing, the remainders of these victims have never been recovered.

Evidence left at sites suspected of SCP-X activity do not suggest human involvement, instead implying avian participation.4 The presence of said evidence is not indicated from visualization of the gravesites by the unaided eye alone; superficially, the graves of victims are undisturbed. Law enforcement is therefore ill-equipped to indict an offender, and the Foundation was consulted by Agents Drumel and Cyllus of the UIU for additional support in apprehending a suspect.

Foundation zoologists recognized that the pattern of suspected SCP-X activity coincided with known migratory routes of indigenous vulture populations. This observation remains a reliable tool for SCP-X identification, recapture, and re-containment.

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