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A still of SCP-3436, pre-enclosure, taken from video feed during reconnaissance. An abrupt, barb-like projection can be seen at the apex.

Item #: SCP-3436

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3436 and SCP-3436-i are contained within a 70 m × 85 m, 172 m tall concrete building, which acts as a provisional site. The building — rectangular, beige, and with tinted windows — is designed to blend conspicuously with the surrounding metropolis.

Access into the building is exclusive to the Site Director and accompanying Class C/D maintenance personnel who have been consented (Form 3436-A) and briefed to Level 2 security clearance.

There is no safe method by which to rescue those who physically encounter SCP-3436/-i. No aspect of SCP-3436/-i is to be touched, neither by direct nor indirect means. The Site Director has been authorized by the Ethics Committee to utilize euthanasia procedures as deemed appropriate for those who have come into contact with SCP-3436/-i and who have yet to experience atmospheric buoyant events.

Description: SCP-3436 is a 166 m tall free-standing structure in Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. It is smooth, dark grey in color, has vermiform massing, features an apical barb-like projection, and is made of an undetermined material that visually resembles steel. Evidence suggests SCP-3436 was constructed by the avant-garde art collective Are We Cool Yet? (AWCY) in 1994. The identities of the author(s) and any involved patrons are not known.

SCP-3436-i is a 50 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm sculpted rhombohedron that rests 1 m from the base of SCP-3436, and is presumably made of an identical material. It features a plaque on its largest rhombic face that contains an inscription in the French language. It is assumed to possess identical inertial properties as SCP-3436; testing to corroborate this conjecture has been deemed needless.

Individuals who make direct or indirect physical contact with SCP-3436/-i and that then cease said contact will begin to accelerate upwards at rate of approximately 3.14 m/s2. Events of this nature are referred to in Foundation literature as atmospheric buoyant events, or ABEs. Unimpeded, objects undergoing ABEs will accelerate upwards until the height of SCP-3436 is reached. After this point, the object is accelerated dramatically, and is beyond the scope of the unaided eye within seconds. The boundary demarcated by the height of SCP-3436 is referred to as the event threshold.

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