Item #: SCP-3266

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3266 must be kept in a 20 meter by 20 meter room with walls consisting of at least 3 meters of ████ reinforced concrete with no ability to view from the outside, the room must be filled (See Addendum 3266-1) with hydrogen gas. Incase of containment failure and all personnel are to be transported to the safe zone of site ██. All interactions with SCP-3266 are to be approved by Level Two or higher personnel, during transport SCP-3266 must be heavily sedated prior with SCP-3266s expressed consent, if these procedures are not adhered to the use of a Class-A Amnestic is authorised. All experiments must be conducted inside of specifically prepared areas.

SCP-3266 is to be constantly monitored using a combination of security cameras and infrared cameras. SCP-3266s monitoring station must have a Chemist, Psychologist and at least two(2) security personnel at all times, this monitoring station is to be no less than 500 meters away from SCP-3266s containment cell. Any significant changes should be reported to Doctor ████████ immediately.

Description: SCP-3266 resembles a early thirties male with heavily-tanned skin of European descent, 205cm(6'9") tall and weighing approximately 101Kg(202.6 lbs), No Hair and Gray eyes.

SCP-3266 while in a passive state does not possess any abnormal abilities other than the fact that it appears to have a nuclear fusion reaction taking place in its chest cavity which appears to be harmless although it does appear to make SCP-3266s normal temperature sit at around 65 Degrees Celsius due to the excess energy given off by the reaction, any attempts to cool down SCP-3266 will be unsuccessful as the fusion process will increase so that this temperature can be maintained.

Although SCP-3266 is not dangerous while passive, SCP-3266 will enter an aggressive state when provoked. Once provoked SCP-3266 will become enraged and their temperature will start to rapidly increase over the next 10 minutes provided there is no further provocation, the temperature increase will emanate from the chest cavity outwards, after this point it will be impossible to sedate SCP-3266 due to its skin seemingly to have turned into fire his outer temperature being around 5,726 degrees Celsius. the reasons for provocation have varied from comments made by researchers to hearing that he was to be detained indefinitely in site ██. After roughly 1 hour SCP-3266 will have returned to normal other than what look to be burns in areas of his body, SCP-3266 does not seem to notice them until they are pointed out by researchers. SCP-3266 will not have any recollection of the event and will become agitated when it is brought up by researchers, if told that there were fatalities SCP-3266 will become defensive insisting that everyone else is lying even when shown video proof.

SCP-3266 speaks English fluently although it is in a broken dialect but is still understandable no matter what it is trying to say. SCP-3266 seems to display traits of mental illness although Doctor ████████ is yet to reach a diagnosis as SCP-3266 seems to have a disliking for Doctor █████████. SCP-3266 appears to be incredibly intelligent and has been caught several times attempting to escape containment and attempting to manipulate staff into doing what it wants, this has yet to be successful.

Additional Notes: SCP-3266 was found in 19██ a group of scientists found a highly unusual energy spike in the Sahara Desert which was quickly investigated by the foundation and SCP-3266 was quickly contained.

Addendum 3266-1: Researchers have found that SCP-3266s Hydrogen concentration does deplete so therefore new measures have been added to ensure there is enough to fuel the reaction. A hydrogen filled room will only be enough to last 8 minutes during an enraged state, as we do not know if it will suffer a collapse in the same manor as a star this was not good enough so we added a constant pumped supply of hydrogen into the containment cell.