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SCP-X, after initial discovery and recovery.

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be kept at Site-19, in a standard anomalous object containment chamber. Within the chamber, SCP-X shall be kept in a locked container made of clear polycarbonate. The container is to have appropriate supports and restraints to properly hold SCP-X without causing any damage. No staff member is allowed to make physical contact with SCP-X at any time; however, tools may be used to gather samples of material from SCP-X. As of 6/17/2018, experimentation involving SCP-XXXX requires authorization from the Site Director.

Description: SCP-X is a stock 1959 Fender Stratocaster, painted in Olympic White, in pristine condition. It is serialized with the number █████, located on the posterior of the neckplate. Despite the passage of time, the strings appear to be in excellent condition and, regardless of environmental temperature or humidity fluctuation, are always in tune to a degree of accuracy within ~1 cent. The body of SCP-X is covered with a large number of autographs of famous musicians and notable guitarists1.

The anomalous properties of SCP-X manifest whenever a subject touches it. The subject will feel a inexorable need to pick SCP-X up and attempt to play it, regardless of any musical ability. Once the guitar is strummed, the subject will enter a trance-like state and continue to play the instrument. Subjects exiting the trance state describe "living the life" of one of their favorite musicians or guitarists for a period of time ranging from weeks to decades. Subjects' emotional responses range from joyous and elated to inconsolable and devastated. Subjects may also suffer severe long term personality changes, psychological trauma, or death.

SCP-X was recovered from the private collection of [REDACTED], directly following an incident that took place at ████ █ ██████, New York City, NY which resulted in 2 fatalities and 3 casualties.

Test A - 05/17/18

Subject: D-3568- A 31-year old female.
Procedure: The subject was instructed to handle SCP-X.
Results: Upon strumming SCP-X, the subject entered a trance state for 6 minutes and 31 seconds. During this trance, subject showed no response to audible, visual, or tactile stimuli. In a post experiment interview, subject described having lived as John Mayer for seven months. She described several performances in intimate detail that occurred in a date range from 03/31/17 to 07/22/17. She also describes, in detail, intimate facts about Mayer's day-to-day life. Her knowledge of these performances has been confirmed as accurate by John Mayer's tour management group. She also mentioned that Mr. Mayer is "a total pig" and that he is no longer her favorite musician.
Analysis: The current hypothesis for this phenomenon is that an artist's signature materializes as subjects experience the memories of the aforementioned artist. The method by which this signature appears is currently unexplained.

Test B - 05/20/18

Subject: D-2567- A 45-year old male with moderate experience as a guitarist.
Procedure: The subject was instructed to play a song by Metallica.
Results: The subject plays the opening 4 bars of "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica repetitively for 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Upon emerging from the trance-state, subject appears elated. He described experiencing the life of Kirk Hammett for a year and a half period, occurring between 08/01/1991 and 12/18/1992, coinciding with Metallica's "Wherever We May Roam" World Tour, and the filming of the second half of "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica". He described the experience as "fucking badass" and volunteered for future testing of SCP-X, up to and beyond his potential release date. Request denied.
Analysis: An examination of SCP-X reveals that the signature of Kirk Hammett has appeared where no signature existed before, similar to prior testing. The experience described by D-2567 has been independently confirmed by secondary post-test interviews with crew from both the "Wherever We May Roam" World Tour and the "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica" documentary. Reviews of unused footage recovered from the documentary crew also confirm the accuracy of D-2567's retelling of remembered events.

Test C - 05/24/18

Subject: D-3356- A 47-year old male with little experience as a guitarist.
Procedure: The subject was instructed to handle SCP-X while thinking of his favorite artist.
Results: Subject informed research staff that his favorite guitar player is Eric Johnson, and described a particular affinity for the song "Cliffs of Dover". Subject picked up SCP-X and entered the trance state. His attempt to play SCP-X resulted in no recognizable song. During this test, at the 4:00 mark, SCP-X was forcibly removed from the subject by research personnel using full anomalous object contact precautions. The subject did not move or show any change of expression, instead remaining in the trance-like state for an additional 5 minutes and 41 seconds. When he emerged from the trance-like state, he appeared to be in extreme despair, and was inconsolable. Subject repeatedly asked researchers what had happened to his hands, and stated multiple times that his "hands are wrong". Subject repeatedly asked research staff "What did you do to my hands?" No changes to subject's hands were noted. Subject refused to answer any questions. In a secondary post-test interview, the subject reported that during the test, he experienced 14 years as guitarist Eric Johnson. He was able to recall very specific details of Mr. Johnson's life to an impressive degree. The subjects mood was very depressed, and he asked repeatedly when he would be able to play SCP-X again. He also complained of constant and irrepressible symptoms considered to be consistent with a diagnosis of body dysmorphia of the hands.
Analysis: SCP-X exhibited no changes. The current hypothesis for this is that no new signature appears if the subject's experience involves an artist whose signature is already present on SCP-X. Subject later made an unsuccessful attempt to amputate his own hands, stating that he "wants his real hands back". Class-C Amnestics have been administered.

Test D - 05/29/18

Subject: D-8902- A 56-year old male with moderate experience as a guitarist.
Procedure: Subject instructed to play a song of his choosing by his favorite artist.
Results: Subject described an affinity for Pink Floyd, and enthusiastically shared his belief that Syd Barrett was a genius. Subject began to play "Bike" by Pink Floyd as he entered the trance-like state. The subject performed the song for 2 minutes and 05 seconds. Upon exiting the trance, the subject displayed a depressed mood, disorganized speech patterns, mood swings, and finally entered into a catatonic state. Attempts to interview him were subsequently unsuccessful.
Analysis: An examination of the SCP-X reveals that the signature of Syd Barrett, simply written as "Barrett", has appeared near the signature of David Gilmour. In subsequent post-test interviews, the subject has displayed several symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.2 Subject has been released to an appropriate civilian mental health facility.

Test E - 06/02/18

Subject: D-9458- a 45-year old male with extensive history as a guitarist.
Procedure: The subject is asked to improvise.
Results: Subject played a long, improvised solo that was loosely structured around the song "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix. The song lasted for 14 minutes and 43 seconds. After recovering from the trance-like state, subject displayed an extremely relaxed mood and repeatedly asked if he could "go back and jam some more, man." He further described SCP-X as "a sweet axe". He described a period of 5 years experienced as guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
Analysis: An autograph of Jimi Hendrix has appeared on the back of SCP-X. On the morning of 06/03/18, subject D-9458 was found deceased by Foundation personnel. A post-mortem examination concluded that the subject aspirated his own vomit and died of asphyxia due to acute barbiturate intoxication.3 It is unknown how the subject gained access to barbiturates, as security footage shows the subject was escorted directly back to his solitary confinement cell and had no interaction with any other personnel. Our hypothesis currently is that subjects not only experience the life of the artist, but also may experience medical conditions (in this case, barbiturate overdose) suffered by the aforementioned artist.

Test F - 06/16/18

Subject: D-9091- A 37-year old male with very little experience as a guitarist.
Procedure: The subject was instructed to play a song from their favorite band.
Results: Subject attempted to play a mistake-laden version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, and entered into a trance for 2 minutes and 02 seconds. While still in the trance-like state, subject suffered sudden massive trauma to the head from an unknown, invisible force; after which he dropped SCP-X immediately and fell to the floor. Despite all efforts, Foundation medical staff pronounced the subject dead at 13:34. A post-mortem examination of the subject concluded that the subject's cause of death appeared to be a point-blank shotgun would to the head.4 The investigation also revealed a number of #000 shotgun pellets lodged in his cranium, and powder burns on the subject indicative of a point-blank shotgun wound. The origin of the shotgun pellets and powder burns is currently unknown.
Analysis: The signature of Kurt Cobain appeared on SCP-X next to John Lennon's signature, with the pretext "To Boddah".5 Our current hypothesis has been updated to include the possibility that subjects may experience physical trauma that the artist experienced. Further testing is needed.