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Item #: SCP-3284

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3284 is to be locked in a 3m X 3m X 3m chamber with 10 cm thick walls made of cold resisting metal. The temperature must be set to -40°C (-40°F), Due to the fact that SCP-3284 has a low melting point of -20°C (-4°C). SCP-3284 Must be maintained by 2 armed guards in case of escape. Area must be evacuated if there is a sudden chill as literal brain freeze may happen. If escaped, a team must be called in with a special cold resistance suit or could freeze to death during work.

SCP-3284 Must always be under surveillance 24/7 as it is unpredictable. Chamber must be changed every month owing to the cracking of the of the metal. If checked on, viewer must be in a special cold resistance suit.

Description: Appears to be a fox but blue in colour. It is approximately 35cm long and 15cm tall. The fur is made out of ice like crystals. It has a periwinkle but clear trail of Frost and fog surrounding it. However, when agitated, it will howl and cause a freeze outburst, Which causes literal brain freeze