Sealblooob's second SCP

Item #: SCP-8798

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-8798-1 is non-sentient, it is only to be locked in a 3 X 3 X 3 meter steel box, 100 meters away from anyone. The box is also to be supervised by surveillance cameras to make sure that no-one enters the room. Any instances of SCP-8798-2 are to be terminated from afar as soon as possible. It is currently in site-██.

Description: SCP-8798-1 is a red ball, measuring approximately 50 cm in radius, and it is a cognitohazard as it influences anyone from 100 meters of it to walk to it and touch it. If they do so, they become a case of SCP-8798-2, which also work the same way as SCP-8798-1 but they are sentient. If someone becomes an instance of SCP-8798-2, they start to shrink and become faster, as well as turning blue and looks less humanoid. Full appearance change is done from 1-2 days, varying on how tall the person is. People do not seem disturbed by this, and ignore it if it comes up in conversation. They usually tell other people to touch them to '████ ██████'. They always say this is a happy tone.
An image of SCP-8798-1