The Lethargic Seal

Item #: SCP-3

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be held at site a transparent, cooled tank measuring 25 meters by 25 meters of plexiglass at site 17. The tank is to be kept at a constant temperature of 15 °C. The tank should be decorated by large chunks of ice and rock surrounding a pool of water at 10°C. Any wild instances of SCP- are to be contained in an exact replica of said room at site 19. SCP- is to be fed 5 kilograms of salmon each day. In the event Salmon is not available squid, herring, and hake are acceptable.

SCP- is to be observed at minimum every 15 minutes for any signs of otherwise anomalous behavior. All staff are permitted to view SCP-. Only personal given permission by a level 2 researcher are permitted to enter under research reasons only, with exceptions of it’s 30 minutes of play time each day.

Description: SCP- Appears to be an unanomalous Phoca Vitulina, or harbor seal at 1.6 meters and 117 kilograms. SCP- exhibits much friendlier and playful behavior compared to wild Phoca Vitulina. Subjects observing SCP- immediately become more playful, and seem to have an overall boost of happiness until subject sleeps. However, when touched subjects will immediately become drowsy, lethargic and lose motivation to perform basic actions such as walking. This effect has been seen to last anywhere from 5 minutes to three entire months, depending on subject. Variables contributing to effects time is currently unknown, and appear to be random. SCP- has no effect on subjects who have ingested any form of caffeine, no matter the amount in the 24 hours before contact, it’s effect only applies to hominids. SCP- is to be played with by a class D personnel after ingesting a singular coffee bean for at least 30 minutes each day to maintain comfort levels.

Discovery: SCP- was discovered in the National Zoo in Washington D.C when by agent ████████ posing as a wildlife behavioral researcher while investigating reports of abnormally low staff morale and work ethic. Upoun discovery of SCP- agent ████████ attempted to load SCP- into their truck. Agent ████████ fell under severe loss of motivation and collapsed. Mobile task force [REDACTED] was dispatched, rolling SCP- into a truck with a forklift and vehicle ramp.

Addendum 04/01/18: Dr.███ has requested a class D personal attempt to touch SCP- after ingesting high amounts of sugar. The subject immediately reported having anoverwhelming feeling of joy and content, shortly before going into cardiac arrest. Normal amounts of sugar are safe. Any attempting to enter containment must have a blood sugar of at most 160 mg. Any personal with a blood sugar level any higher are to be denied entrance. Exception of testing with permission of at least two level three personal. SCP- is otherwise considered safe.

Additional notes: Any subject under the effect of SCP- in no circumstance is to be subjected to SCP-3209 as this could have detrimental effects to subjects mental state. This has been Dr. [REDACTED] and I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight.
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