Item #: SCP-3224
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3224 is to be kept in a 10x1 live stone hallway at Site-██. No reflective Material should be located inside of SCP-3224s cell but all guards surrounding the perimeter should be equipped with handheld mirrors. SCP-3224 must be monitored at all times with a standard 1080p, motion sensitive camera.
Description: SCP-3224 appears to be an extremely elderly woman who has badly bruised skin and a lack of eyes but still seems to have eyelids. SCP-3224 Wears a long, summer dress and a white bonnet, both date back to the early 1700s. SCP-3224 has the ability of speech and names itself 'MRS BOROCKS'. SCP-3224s voice sounds to ancient for even the most elderly of citizens to have. When using Class D personnel for contact tests with SCP-3224 we found that the subject would instantaneously pass out, after two hours they would reemerge from there trance feeling great. After a couple of days, the Class D subject started to experience bodily changes such as: Lengthening finger nails, contorting nose and rotting toes. we later put the Class D subject into solitary confinement for two days. when reopening the confinement cell the Class D subject had became an exact replica of SCP-3224, the Class D subject attempted to attack but was quickly terminated. SCP-3224 will attempt to breach by manipulating the wall to escape, this process takes a few hours and can be noticed quickly stopped. If by some chance SCP-3224 does breach then guards are instructed to approach SCP-3224 and show SCP-3224 its reflection. This will capture it in the mirror, then enter the room and smash the mirror onto the east cell wall then quickly retreat from the room. the wall should quickly reform and SCP-3224 should be present in the room again.
Discovery: SCP-3224 was discovered in 19██ curled up in a ball on a bed in an abandoned 18th century home at ██ ██████ ███ Ontario, Canada. For the first month of its capture, SCP-3224 was completely dormant when on Sunday 2█ █████ 19██ SCP-3224 started to awaken. SCP-3224 became to hard to handle in its cell at the time and was relocated to Site-██ where it remains.