Secure Facility Dossier Site-54
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research Site-54

Official Designation: SCP Foundation East-German Delocalised Containment Site

Site Identification Code: EGDC-Site-54


The first founded portion of Site-54.

General Information

Purpose: Research Site-54 is a sprawling urban complex, located in and around the city of Leipzig. Originally intended to act as a research centre for those anomalies with locations too erratic to permit permanent containment, it now additionally serves as the Foundation's primary non-anomalous biological research site, and largest infirmary for anomalous civilian casualties.

Founded: 12 June 1967

Founding Director: Dr. Alton Romero

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Cover Story: Urban Property, Abandoned Urban Property, Industrial Storage, Disused Wing of Leipzig Hospital

Site Function: Delocalised Containment, Vehicle Dispatch, Non-Anomalous Biological Research, Civilian Infirmary

Size: Total Land Area of 6.8 km2, prone to change as expansion continues.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-54:

Item # Date of Containment Notes
SCP-2668 20/04/1968 One of the first anomalies assigned to the (then relatively minor) site, due to Germany's prominent status as a former part of the Holy Roman Empire and the frequency of SCP-2668-Applicable historical sites within the country.
SCP-3663 ##/##/#### One of the few anomalies in semi-permanent containment within Site-54, SCP-3663 has demonstrated the Site's resilience, resourcefulness, and ability to utilise assets to their greatest ability — the use of the Site's preexisting maintenance tunnels as a containment method has saved an estimated ███ thousand Euros in construction costs, and facilitated easier recontainment.
SCP-3617 ##/##/####
SCP-2856 ##/##/####
SCP-2790 ##/##/#### [DATA EXPUNGED]


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The subterranean section of research zone A-54-B.

Low Security:

  • Field Agent residential blocks W-54-A, W-54-B — Apartment complexes outfitted with secure (Foundation-monitored) internet access, and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Currently housing 23 Foundation personnel, with a maximum capacity of 30.
  • Research block F-54-C — todo
  • Civilian infirmary K-54-A — todo

Medium Security:

  • Researcher residential block W-54-C — todo
  • Biological research zone B-54-A — Masquerading as a non-anomalous civilian research institute, a large portion of "german scp acronym" is devoted to probing the forefront of non-anomalous biology. Currently studying the effects of controlled tissue growth and synthesised proteins.
  • Vehicle hangar Fa-54-A — todo

High Security:

  • Class-E residential block W-54-D — Subterranean quarantine zone for personnel with recent exposure to anomalous entities, objects, or phenomena. Capable of housing up to 50 affected subjects at any one time.
  • Researcher residential block W-54-E, W-54-F — todo
  • Maintenance tunnels for research blocks F-54-C, F-54-D, F-54-E and a portion of residential block W-54-C — Currently retrofitted to act as containment for SCP-3663. Personnel access forbidden.
  • Former biological research zone B-54-B — Now fully abandoned, pending a full investigation into SCP-2790. All access forbidden to essential personnel.
  • SCP-2856 — Non-perishable goods storage, with a permanent team of staff residing within. See main documentation for more details.
  • Vehicle hangar Fa-54-B — todo
  • Anomalous research zones A-54-A, A-54-B — todo
  • Metaphysical research wing C-54-A — todo



Anomalous Object AO-002762, under covert observation by Site-54's own Research Task Force — RTF-Nauðr-Zwei ("Ivory Towers").

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Notable Containment Incidents:


SCP-2856 — Over the course of two weeks, Foundation-owned appliances within 400 metres of the building spontaneously malfunction, and subsequently disappear following their disposal. At the conclusion of the event, the two staff members permanently stationed within SCP-2856 are involved in a simultaneous self-sealing event — the first observed since the anomaly's categorisation — and deemed MIA. Shortly afterwards, containment procedures for the anomaly were updated to require a permanent team of six staff, rather than two.


SCP-2790 — Priority Alpha containment breach. Site-54 is deemed fully compromised, and Protocol CB-S-04 ("Ex Situ") is initiated. 39 staff members are successfully evacuated, and assigned long-term memetic treatment to overcome the lasting anomalous effects, as well as a drug regimen to help them cope with depression brought on by the loss of SCP-2790. Protocol CB-S-04 is completed in the following months, under the cover story of multiple unrelated gas and electrical fires. On 20/05/2016, all salvaged equipment is assigned to new buildings in the area, and Site-54 is once more deemed operational.