Item #: SCP 3220
Object Class: Prometheus
Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3220 is impossible to contain at this moment, as instances spawn without any recognizable patterns. Should an instance of SCP 3220 be found, the host website should be taken down for maintenance and standard infohazard control to be established. Should the instance have been allowed to exist for more than two hours, multiple extraction teams should be dispatched to address SCPs released by the use of SCP 3220.
Description: SCP 3220 is an advertisement in the form of a pop-up. SCP 3220 once spawn will be clicked on unless the host computer is destroyed. SCP 3220 host computers will not accept any commands, successfully be powered off, and have continued to work and function after dismantling the entire computer besides the monitor and mouse. Should SCP 3220 be clicked on, the viewer will bring the user to a website whose URL is yet to be established, as the search bar and url bar at this time will no longer be present, as well as the ability to close the web page. Users will be greeted by a GIF copy of a gold coin with cartoon like features, gesturing the user around the site towards which displays items in a similar format to Craigslist or Ebay. At this point there is no way to break the focus of the computer user, who will continuously browse the website for a so far infinite amount of time, only taking breaks to eat or use the restroom, and will ignore any outside stimuli otherwise. Users will purchase multiple items from the website. The items will generally be anomalous in nature, and have random, but generally what would be considered exorbitant prices. Generally the items will be ignored by the SCP 3220 victim as they will continuously browse the webstore. Anomalous items purchased this way will lose their anomalous properties around 1 day after arrival. Purchases have also included human slaves, futuristic vehicles and military grade weaponry, as well as many illegal substances and advanced technology. SCP 3220 users will occasionally also purchase SCP Foundation contained SCPs, which will invariably be taken from facilities and brought to the purchasing party through unknown means. SCP 3220 victims will continue to purchase through the website regardless of their economic status, taking out bonds and loans, and going into massive debt, even resorting to petty theft, fake identities and other means to secure funds for buying. This is the only time SCP 3220 victims will take action outside of aforementioned behavior, and will refuse to cooperate or communicate until memetic control is severed from SCP 3220.
Note: Because of SCP 3220’s ability to displace objects contained by the foundation, an upgrade from Keter to its own class, Prometheus class is to be pended. Approved by 0-5 council.