Item #: Scp-()
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-()-1 and -2's are to be kept away from personnel until they can be terminated. Those exposed to Scp-()-1 or -2 must be quarantined immediately and instances of Scp-()-1 must be reported and terminated.

Instances of Scp-()-1,-2, or -3 are to be quarantine with their tongue cut out until they can be terminated. Instances of Scp-()-1,-2, or -3 must be killed with items retaining some holy power such as bullets coated in holy water.

Description:Scp-() is a cognitohazard agent transmitted primarily through hearing. Scp-There is no known treatment for infected, but all individuals infected will progress through three stages. As there is no treatment, infected personnel are to be terminated before they can progress to further stages. The advised way of termination among researchers is suicide.

Scp-()-1 are individuals infected with Scp-() that are in the first stage. Upon contracting the first stage, subjects will report hallucinations and odd dreams repeating every night, with the subject waking up at exactly 12:00. Hallucinations are varying, ranging from voices to corpses unseen by anyone else. Upon being questioned about these visions they will attempt to assault the individual asking. Dreams are usually of people they love being burned at the stake. When the subject does not feel an emotional bond they will start seeing a vision of themselves before exploding into flames.

Scp-()-2 are individuals reaching the second stage. The second stage occurs if a -1 does hear preaching from a -2 in the last 24 hours. A -2 will attempt to seek out large groups of people and preach text directly from the recovered bible. Upon hearing the preaching, a mass hallucination will start of flames burning around them resulting in them becoming instances of Scp-()-1's. If a -2 has not preached to anyone in 24 hours to a month they will enter the third stage.

Scp-()-3 are individuals in the last stage of infection by Scp-(). The third stage of infection lasts typically around [REDACTED] minutes. This stage occurs in -2's that have not preached to -1's or humans within the last 24 hours. Upon entering this stage, individuals will start bleeding from every orifice in their body. The last few seconds of their life, the individual will start preaching directly from the text, before bursting into flames.

() is of unknown origin and was first discovered in a bible, written in an unknown language1 stolen from a church in [REDACTED], Colorado.