Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is to be contained in a 10m x 2m x 2m reinforced concrete chamber with a 1m x 2x viewing screen that is made of an alumina infused glass mixture that is a third of a meter deep and has one way viewing from the foundations perspective. This is located at Site-⬛⬛.

In order to enter the chamber you must go through a foundation grade airlock door and requires 02 keycard access or higher. In case of a containment breech the entrance to SCP-####'s containment chamber will be on lockdown unless manually overridden.

Personnel interacting with SCP-#### must have had test authorization and authentication as well as a employee meeting or above 02 level clearance present outside the chamber in the viewing room.

Description: SCP-#### is a standard city lamppost about 24.6m in height, and about 1.2m in diameter where it is largest, at the base. It's shaft curves at the top and forms a cone, containing a singular lightbulb. It appears to be completely indestructible, irremovable, and never runs out of energy, even if completely disconnected from any known source of energy. It constantly shines a cone of bright yellow light, and any organic matter exposed to this light will begin to feel it anomalous effects.

Once exposed to the light immediate effects were recorded. Irritation of the skin, subjects reported lightheaded, decreased effectiveness in senses, and appeared fixed to the light. Subjects had to be forcefully removed from the containment chamber, and reported great emotional stress attempting to re-enter the chamber. Longer term effects were reported to be, numbness of limbs, reduced motor function, a emotional and in some test cases sexual desire towards the SCP. After being exposed for over six hours it was observed that the brain of the subject began to deteriorate and eventually death occurred in almost all subjects. (Seek Addendum ####-01) No organic matter is permitted to be inside SCP-####'s containment chamber for over ten hours unless permission is granted by a employee of 04 clearance or greater.

Addendum ####-01

Testing With Class-D-5782
Even after prolonged exposure to SCP-#### the subject showed no effects like any other Class-D subject previously experimented on. Subject D-5782 showed no symptoms what so ever even after over nine hours, thirty-two minutes, and forty-six point twenty-two seconds, where he was removed from the containment chamber and returned to it's cell.