Item #: SCP-3495

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3495 are to be kept raised in a 2x2x2 meter empty climate controlled room in storage of Site-██. Object's cell is not to be tampered with at any time unless given Level 3 Clearance or above. In case of any solid material being broken, security must slowly move SCP-3495 from retrieval location and the missing material will be cemented. The instance of SCP-3495-2 found in Test 4 of "Test Log SCP-3495" is to be kept in a similar room beside SCP-3495's containment for control experiment purposes.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3495 is to be kept in a safe in Dr. ███'s office. Object's safe should be drilled down onto the floor of Dr. ███'s office at all times unless level 3 security clearance is given. The safe containing SCP-3495 is to never be more than tapped due to the nature of the object. The safe has a key-code pad similar to SCP-248 with the code being ████.

Description SCP-3495 is a set of one hundred (100) discount stickers for the business of [REDACTED] produced between September and October of 20██. Each sticker was produced for the purpose of placing on items at [REDACTED] that were on a 20% discounted price than originally advertised. The set of stickers were produced on ten (10) sticker sheets with each having ten (10) individual 20% discount stickers. All of the stickers include the discount percent of 20%, and the brand name for the business of [REDACTED].

Designated SCP-3495-1 is the sticker sheet with a "1" written on in what seems to be silver permanent ink. Objects SCP-3495-2 through 10 follow this pattern. The source of this writing is unknown by original employees of [REDACTED] and the manufacturers of the sheets. All instances of SCP-3495 attached to an object are to be called SCP-3495-A, B, etc.

SCP-3495's anomalous properties appear when object moves. This is not exclusive to still being on the sticker sheet, and being placed on any solid material. Object SCP-3495 will then begin to move at a delayed rate than what is observed by most objects, and will not stop in any path of any physical object. Any object that SCP-3495 is placed on to will do the same and move at this delayed rate. Objects do not appear to move in "slow motion," and instead are always a little bit behind "real time." Objects can and will destroy any solid material that is in it's path in real time, as the objects exist before "real time." The connection between 20% and the delayed reality that objects exist in is unknown.

SCP-3495 does not appear to haves similar attachment properties as SCP-248 does. Object appears to attach on to any object with normal adhesive and adhesive does wear off. SCP-3495-A will always be effected by any instance of SCP-3495-1 through SCP-3495-10, as long as a part of the original object is attached. See document Test Log SCP-3495 for more information on attachment properties

Object SCP-3495 initially destroyed containment safe due to an earthquake in the December of same year of retrieval. This incident showed the destructive properties of the object, hence it's vague classification.

It is unknown how SCP-3495 got to this [REDACTED], as object would have theoretically destroyed the case it was delivered in. The first instance of SCP-3495 was discovered on a dark blue dress from the company of J██ ████ ███. A shoplifter was recorded on camera picking up the first recorded instance of SCP-3495-A and dashing to a changing room with another of the same dress behind it. The person then had a hole through their stomach (and partially through their outside thigh), which was the size of the dress they were running with. An employee then ran to the subject and observed.

After the employee called for help and the local police came, this was reported to the foundation. Subject later died after too many of their vital organs were damaged and blood was lost. Employees and local police were given Class C Amnestics and all footage of the incident was retrieved.

All that remain of SCP-3495 are 9█ stickers. After several tests, conclusions include: SCP-3495-1 through SCP-3495-10 all act similarly to each other, SCP-3495 will not work after incinerating for ashes, and SCP-3495 will work if torn into two.

Addendum: 12/14 - the December after retrievals of SCP-3495-1 through 10 - original test log

Testing of SCP-3495 by slowly picking SCP-3495-4 up with laboratory grade test tube holders and letting object go. Object took approximately one (1) to two (2) seconds to react to being let go. Object then fell as any other sheet of paper with the same thickness would.

Testing of SCP-3495 by applying one (1) sticker from SCP-3495-1 to a pen owned by Dr. ██████. Object went through several tests with the first being dropping SCP-3495-A the same way as the first test. Object fell the same way as expected. Object then was put in a water bottle carried in by Dr. ███ (object was cleaned out before testing). SCP-3495-A was then shook by shaking the water bottle from the same test tube holder used in previous tests. SCP-3495-A initially stood still, then left a gaping hole in the water bottle approximately one (1) to two (2) seconds after being shook, and flew out.

Accidental testing of SCP-3495 by applying one (1) sticker from SCP-3495-2 on the lab chair that Dr. ███ was initially sitting in. Dr. ███ was instructed to sit on SCP-3495-A. Dr. █████ then pulled the chair towards him, as if trying to make Dr. █████ fall onto the ground. After Dr. ███ pulled the chair for about one (1) second, SCP-3495-A whipped towards him and hit Dr. ███ in the stomach. Dr. ███ was then reprimanded and expelled from testing with object.

Further testing required for other anomalous properties of object SCP-3495.

Addendum: 1/4

Testing with SCP-3495 was resumed after the winter break for many employees of the foundation. Testing began with a basic farm cow with the Bos Taurus genus. This was the first testing with live biological material. An instance of SCP-3495-9 was placed on the forehead of subject. Subject stood still for two (2) seconds before moving. It was assumed for a short period of time that SCP-3495 did not effect biological material until subject was cruelly tipped over on its side. Subject reacted normally, but with a delayed physical reaction time. Subject was then incinerated.

Testing resumed on the next day when D-9███ was brought in. Subject was informed of testing and complied. Subject was told to recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" while an instance of SCP-3495-3 was applied on subject's forehead.

Begin Log
Dr. ████████: Please begin.
D-9███: Oh-ok, I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America
Dr. ████████ then began slowly peeling off an instance of SCP-3495-3 and putting it towards subject's forehead.
D-9███: And to the republic, for which-
Subject then had the sticker placed on his forehead. Subjected stood completely still, and brain wave monitors appeared to show zero brain activity for approximately two (2) seconds.
D-9███: it stands, one nat- What just happened?
Dr. ████████ then pulls of the sticker while asking D-9███ to talk about cats.
D-9███: I didn't have any cats before I was imprisoned, I-
Dr. ████████ then pulled off SCP-3795 from SCP-3795-A. Subject then began to speed up conversation.
D-9███: wouldhavelikedtohaveacatbut it would be too much work to deal with.
Subject then talks about cats at a normal rate for another minute until stopping. Subject did not notice the two second change in speed of speech.
End Log

SCP-3495 appears to make an object wait for SCP-3495-A to "catch up" with the time that SCP-3495 exists in.

It's almost as if the objects exist in a reality separate from ours, but still have contact with objects in our reality.