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SCP-#### right before its removal from the original wooden wall it was attached to in ██████, Italy.

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
While not under experiment, SCP-#### is to be kept inside Regular Safe Item Warehouse C-12 in Site 57. SCP-#### should never be removed from the wooden block that contains the object for safety measurements. No personnel under Level 3 clearence is allowed to interact with the object. No personnel is allowed to look through the door viewer unless told to do so by a researcher with Level 3 clearence. Any subject who is exposed to SCP-#### is to be contained behind a glass wall with speak-through holes. Subjects are to wear a straitjacket at all times. (See Addendum A-1, Addendum A-2 and Interview of SCP-####-1-2.)

SCP-#### is a door viewer, found in 03/16/20██, ██████, Italy. Originally attached to an Oak wall, it was removed from the wall 2 days after the discovery. It has a wooden block surrounding it which was cut off from the original wall. The object and the block of wood it is attached to is unable of physical harm. The wooden block carries no anomalous behavior unlike the door viewer it contains.

When a person looks through the door viewer, they suffer from an instant shock and faint. When woke up, the subject starts to talk to themselves about one of the various visions, such as [REDACTED]. They often draw unearthly shapes that they call "The Forgotten City", write in an unknown language, or draw a giant humanoid with bird wings, which holds its own [REDACTED], and a sword or a staff (subjects dont use the ink they are given. They prefer to draw the visions with blood, which makes it harder to describe the object because subjects use a lot of their own blood while drawing it.), flying upon silhouettes dancing around a big fire. The subject often chants unknown words and sentences such as "tlogh", "frauth una" (often written on walls), "w'ladr" (often written on walls). There are not enough words to decipher the language, but presumably "Frauth Una" means [REDACTED]. SCP-343 claims "W'ladr" is the name of The Forgotten City, and [REDACTED] is the name of said creature. (See Interview of SCP-343). Other words are still unknown.

Attempts of photographing the said visuals have failed.

When the subject is interviewed, they will not listen to what they are told, and act in an unstable behavior. Subject might try to attack the closest person, completely randomly (as observed). No subject has ever recovered from this state.

Any subject who enters this state will be referred as SCP-####-1-x, and should be [REDACTED] after an interview is made.

Addendum 00: Before recovering the object, Agent ████ found a male corpse of a 20-30 years old man with black hair and pale white skin, in a different room inside the building where SCP-#### was found. The corpse had carvings of the said unknown language on various parts of its body, mainly its chest and arms, and "Lovely Weather" written in the middle of its chest. The corpse was fresh, suggesting the man looked through the viewer only days before the recovery of SCP-####. The corpse had no blood, yet somehow contained the usual human form. No signs of a major bloodloss were found, indicating the blood were transferred elsewhere.

Addendum A-1: First subject who got exposed to SCP-####, SCP-####-1-1, died of bloodloss ██ hours after she woke up, before any chance of an interview to be made. Strange drawings were present in her room, drawn with her own blood. The drawings contained [REDACTED]. "Lovely weather" is the only english sentence written. It was written with large letters.

SCP-####-1-1 was a 25 years old Turkish woman, with black hair and wheat skin. ██ hours after her death, her skin turned pale white. Autopsy had shown that her corpse had no blood whatsoever, just like the corpse which got discovered alongside SCP-####. (See Addendum 00.)

Addendum A-2: During interview, SCP-####-1-2 attacked Dr. █████ after saying "Lovely weather". Inside his room there were drawings of [REDACTED] surrounding the same words. Subject used his blood, insted of the ink he was given earlier.

Addendum B1: Dr. █████ interviewed SCP-343, in order to ask about the visuals SCP-#### contained, the [REDACTED] and the meaning of "Lovely Weather".