ShoesMafia's Writings

These articles are works in progress.
They haven't been submitted.
He Will Never Be Ballin': - Probably my dumbest SCP yet.
The Hoarder: My first tale, based off of my first SCP. Serves as a sort of origin story/look into another perspective.
Consumption of Knowledge: A predator that lurks in the depths of the Marianas Trench. Very long SCP, I have yet to finish the first draft. Taking a break from this one, will return to it eventually.

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The Joy of Creation: A sentient and robotic scrap worker that gets kind of depressed if it can't express its creativity. My first SCP.
A Modern Problem: A man with anger issues who was trapped inside the body of a garden gnome. My entry for Cliche-Con 2019.
This Town Ain't Big Enough: Goofier SCP that focuses around wild west dueling.

These are my bad skips. They were either mainlisted and down-voted off, or I just decided I didn't like them and scrapped their drafts.
This section mainly serves as an archive.