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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell with the presence of at least 3 security guards stationed outside. Restraints consist of typical teflon and titanium layered strengthening within the core, and non-corrosive aluminium outer layering to prevent decomposition from SCP-XXXX-2. SCP-XXXX-1A is to be held within the armory alongside with SCP-XXXX-1B, and are restricted to only authorized personnel, and not the item.

After Incident-3988, SCP-XXXX is to be held within two cells, the inner cell being a solid titanium and tungsten box with measurements consisting that of 10x10x10 m, with Teflon and Aluminium plating to prevent physical and acidic damage, and no personnel below clearance 04 may open this inner cell. The outer cell consists of a microphone and a 5” thick bulletproof view-port that allows scientists to be in this outer-cell to communicate and talk to SCP-XXXX within the inner cell. The outer cell can be accessed with Personnel with clearance 03 or higher. The two doors for each cell are unlocked with key cards as well as number codes given by personnel with 04 clearance. The paneling of the cells are to be replaced every 6 months, and checked for acidic or physical damage. Each door is composing of bullet resistant 3” glass as well as ceramic and ablative armoring upon the physical door. These doors are to be replaced every month, and the bulletproof panes be replaced bi-weekly and checked for any acidic damage from SCP-XXXX-2. SCP-XXXX’s physical restraints consist of the same as previous containment however cannot be removed unless testing is occurring.

XXXX-1A and XXXX-1B are stored within high priority and anomalous materials containment and underwatch by several armed guards. XXXX-1A and XXXX-1B are under no circumstances to come in contact with SCP-XXXX unless the managing researcher approves of testing with the anomalous items correlating with SCP-XXXX

Post-Testing Protocol

Since Incident-3988, After every test, researchers with 04 clearance or higher accompanied by armed guards will carry out a “blackout” code (And will now be referred to as SCP-XXXX-I from now on), received from ██████ which allows a temporary blockage in "rewriting" and developing emotions until after a certain duration.

It is also advised to carry out “Blackout” if one of the following is seen after testing.

  • SCP-XXXX is seen inscribing names of personnel onto makeshift bullets or bullets.
  • SCP-XXXX is not dormant and has been moving at least for >24 hours within the confined cell.
  • SCP-XXXX is seen doing an activity that has been dubbed a “coping” mechanism, often it will be a human coping mechanism, such as twiddling thumbs or a repeating behavior often seen in sapient creatures.
  • SCP-XXXX sings about meat.
  • SCP-XXXX is optimistic about the recent test.

Reminder that using SCP-XXXX-I does not harm SCP-XXXX and ensures the safety of personnel

Daily Check-up Protocol

SCP-XXXX develops over time, and to ensure that it does not learn to break out of containment, notes taken have categorized the behavior of SCP-XXXX. Each behavior has been classified into a certain level after Incident-3988. Every researching personnel is to make note and actively search for each stage every morning, as routine, and are encouraged to take immediate response if a unwanted stage is detected. Failure to do so can risk emergence of unwanted problems within containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an animate and fully articulated Gynoid, weighing approximately from 95 to 100 kg. They are approximately 1.85 m in height and have a pearl white colored metallic armor plating that covers the chest, legs, and the arms until the wrist. Further examination reveals that this plating is removable and that it is intended to protect SCP-XXXX, suggesting that it may have different “sets” or variations of armor plating. The core frame is consisting of high grade anomalous Titanium alongside variations of metals known for their either high resistance to heat or corrosion, confirmed by traces of ████████ and ███████ being detected from shavings or shards being collected from containment. Most of the physical body is not visible however that SCP-XXXX wears a long trench coat, that has steel shoulder plates riveted on. This trench coat will be referred to as SCP-XXXX-1C from now on.

SCP-XXXX is, according to our tests and communication, an old war construct. Which war they refer to is not known yet. SCP-XXXX refers to itself as “LYE”, and though it is an construction, it also considers itself to be a feminine being, having knowledge of genders. Further conversations have shown that LYE has knowledge that exceeds that of a PhD in all ranges of Engineering and having superior and complex understanding of such, to a degree that we have tried to convince it to tell us how it functions. There was no response to such questions (See Test-Log XXXX-A2). XXXX, despite having a name, has shown no negative response toward its designation number, After Incident-3988, all D-class should be aware of the consequences when calling XXXX by its designation number within the testing chambers. It is also not advised to refer XXXX as “Rusty”, “Metalhead” or any other name referring to its state as an Gynoid, however do not tell D-Class what happened in the incident, and that only XXXX will react negatively to such. Further testing and analyzation after Incident-3988 shows that XXXX constantly “rewrites” itself after combat, able to change and thus become even more powerful, making it hard to contain. This includes methods of containment, and that eventually it will find a new way to get out of containment, (See Test-Log-XXXX-A15). It has also been shown that XXXX has a limited understanding of emotions and is entirely logical. After Incident-3988, XXXX has shown that it is capable of understanding emotions and becomes entirely sapient and becomes extremely enraged by past memories that it experiences and as well as the current situation of confinement. XXXX will then break out of containment (also unsuccessful in some instances before “rewriting” is successful) and then kill any personnel it meets. After Incident-3988 occurred, a code from ██████ contained a chip with a name inscribed upon the surface “Blackout” which inserted into XXXX would block its memories and rewriting process for a specified duration of time depending on severity of the emotional upheaval.

Anomalous Materials
When SCP-XXXX was found, under its ownership it had (2) firearms and a trench coat




SCP-XXXX has said that it is proficient with all firearms, regardless of time-period and manufacturer. This was subsequently proven false (See Test-Log-XXXX-A16), in which XXXX was handed a [REDACTED] after successfully using 27 different types of firearms of varying chambering and manufacturers

Additional Physical Anomalies
SCP-XXXX also had possessed additional physical anomalous properties asides from itself, being SCP-XXXX-2 and SCP-XXXX-3




Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX had been found in a abandoned military base offline. The foundation found such when reports of rumors of “future” technology had been present in the area. SCP-XXXX was successfully recovered at the cost of an Agent’s life being eviscerated by SCP-XXXX-3, which had been actively defending the body.



Addendum XXXX-I:
The “Blackout” chip, now referred to as SCP-XXXX-I, was a chip found in the cell of SCP-████, after Incident-3988. It accompanied a note from ██████, who had revealed a method to stop XXXX from doing successful rewriting. XXXX-I is given to XXXX every time before a long-term test. (See Test-Log-896-A1001). This note was given, without being opened, to Dr. ███. Shortly after Dr. ███ had read the note, he had been found dead by a self-inflicted gunshot using XXXX-1A, which had been locked in containment after XXXX was apprehended. The note had been shortly archived and the original had been locked in high containment alongside XXXX-1A. The Note from ██████ has been declared a cognitohazard and dangerous to read.

Addendum XXXX-1A:
After looking back upon Incident-3988, we have determined one thing. SCP-XXXX, if allowed to rewrite their own code and gain emotions is dangerous. However, if it proceeds past that point, SCP-XXXX then develops complicated moral understanding. There is a point where SCP-XXXX will be aware of its own rewriting, and look to itself as a constantly evolving machine whose goal is to help others “Evolve”. This was accompanied by multiple wounded NTF guards who had conflict against SCP-XXXX return with anomalous limbs and implants unknown how to work but have substantially increased certain abilities of such NTF.

Footnotes :
Requesting for SCP-XXXX to be aiding NTF forces against SCP’s who have successfully breached containment
Request Denied. While SCP-XXXX may be a excellent force for countering SCP’s who have breached containment, our goal here is to Secure, Contain, Protect. From previous tests of SCP-XXXX, we have concluded that SCP-XXXX is very much a killer, and rather one to not have any mercy as it would be deemed illogical.

Test-XXXX-A18 has shown that SCP-XXXX is willing to aid NTF. It would be much appreciated that if you would allow SCP-XXXX to be dropped in with us on certain containment breaches where certain destruction of the facility is possible.
Your request will be taken into consideration, NTF, however we still make it clear that SCP’s must be not harmed, and the potential of XXXX being damaged is one we cannot allow, as it is one of our most cooperative if not helpful SCP’s that has shown willingness to aid us.

Requesting to detain, or postpone Neutralization. Ever since Incident-3988 happened after you attempted to neutralize XXXX, it has showed rapid hostility and anger towards all personnel. The reason why I ask for you to detain is because we have received a chip that could benefit “controlling” and containing SCP-XXXX
After conclusive research upon the chip, the Neutralization of SCP-XXXX will be not allowed. Any personnel that attempt so will be reprimanded. SCP-XXXX will now have increased containment measures as well as weekly visits for the chip to take its effect. If there is a possibility to contain, we will take that over destroying an anomalous SCP