Mary The Madman Mouse

Class: Euclid

Description: This Scp looks like a normal theme park mascot. It seems to he a rip-off of Disney's favorite mouse.

When found: This Scp came to the foundations attention when forty people went missing in a rip-off of Disney Land. It was brought to Site redacted when an operative found it in a break room agent redacted said this mascot stud out to him because the park owner says they don't have any mouse mascots.

Special Containment Procedures: Scp is to be in a 12x10 holding room with three inch glass. The room is to be decorated with theme park knickknacks. Its room is to be clean once every two weeks. More then one person are to be in the room when testing or cleaning are going on.

Test: 1
Class D-397834 was sent into the room. The Scp was seen moving oddly around the room. D-397834 was told to talk to the Scp.
D "Yo wired moving mascot!"
SCP "…."
D "Okay its looking at me, whats next?"
Dr.Redacted "try to get it to come to you."
D "Um. Here mascot mascot."
Scp "….."
Note: Scp was seen moving closer to D-397834. It seem to be twitching as it got closer.
D "Yo are you drunk in there dude?"
Scp "….Thump…."
Note: Scp was seen taking off its head.
D "Whoa dude w-what are you doing?"
Scp "….Rip..Snap..Rip…."
D "AHH!"
~~~~~End Recording~~~~~
Note: Scp midsection rip open showing a inner roll of teeth. There seem to be no end. More testing needs to be done. Two guards were sent into the room to retrieve D-397834 before the Scp could kill him.

Test: 2
Scp was moved to a testing room where it was strapped down to a bed. Dr.Redacted and Dr. Redacted were going to see how this thing works.
Dr.1 "we're going to start the first cut in the midsection."
Note: Dr.1 was seen cutting the stitching of the Scp. But when open, the only thing there was stuffing.
Dr.1 "What the? Where are the teeth?"
Dr.2 "Maybe we have to remove the head to get to the mouth."
Note: Dr.1 and Dr.2 were shown to be removing the head of the Scp. As the head was removed, the stuffing started to form teeth pointing backwards into a black hole.
Dr.2 "I'm going to remove a tooth and some stuffing for testing…..AHHH"
Note: Dr.2 was seen removing a tooth from the caverns mouth when the mouth slam shut on his hand.
~~~~~End Recording~~~~~
Test was cancelled and the Scp was sent back to it room where it attached its head into place. The tooth that was removed was shown to be some kind of steel wool.

Test: 3
Class D-179895 and D-399799 were put in the room of the Scp. Said Scp seem to show more interest in the two then it did with just one D class. The Scp was seen getting close to the D class but it was acting differently. It seems to e trying to entertain them. D-399799 showed some interest in the Scp as D-179895 seem to be uninterested in the mascot. The Scp was keeping eye contact with D-399799 as it tried to find a place far from D-179895. Dr. Redacted said the mascot is showing a hunting behavior seen in wolves. Like how they single out one prey and separate it from the herd,that is what this Scp is doing. The Scp seem to give up when it found no place to get D-399799 away from D-179895.More testing is need to see how it really hunts.

Test: 4
The Scp was moved into a bigger testing room with dark places. D-477894, D-713587,and D-377988 were put in the room with the Scp. The Scp seem to try to entertain the three like it did in the pass test. D-377988 was showing interest as the other D class just look away. D-377988 was seen following the Scp to a dark coiner of the room. A scream was heard from that side of the room. The remaining D class were seen running to the noise they were soon seen running away as Scp came out into the light. The only difference on the mascot was a wet blood stain on its midsection.

Notes: More testing will need a level 2 clearance and more then one person in the testing room. End of File.