Silas Greaves

Item #: SCP-3911

Object Class : Euclid

Special Containment : SCP-3911 has to be maneuvered using special tools .
It cannot be allowed to make direct contact with any personnel . It has
to be contained within a sandy enviroment , because that seems to
neutralize or at least limit the SCP .

Description : SCP-3911 resembles a dagger . However , the decorations
on it cannot be identified . Testing procedures show that the metalic
dates back from pre-human times , even pre-earth times . The origin of
it is unknown , as it was found by Task Force Iota-10 . Also , it is not clear
what does it do . Initial encounters suggest that it might be a cognitohazard ,
however , it is not really confirmed as it could also be an reality bender
Task Force Gamma-5 found an individual that had came in contact with
the artifact and took him in for questioning .

Interviewed : Silas Greaves

Interwiever : Captain [Redacted]

Foreword : All the legal sources of identification say that the man's
name is Henry Deacon , as do familly members , however he keeps insiting
that his name is Silas Greaves

<Begin Log>

Captain : Who do you say you are ?
Silas Greaves : My name's Silas Greaves and I never had any other .
Captain : Well then , mister Greaves , how did you find the object ?
Silas Greaves : (in a concerned , almost insane tone) Found it on a dead
guy . I…I just barely touched it and …
Captain : And ?
Silas Greaves : … and I saw a sea of events . A stormy sea , filled
with historical events and figures . I also saw present events and most
important , the future .(screaming) You have to believe me !
Captain : You say you saw the future . Did you know that this will
happen ?
Silas Greaves : Yes , and no . I knew that this COULD happen , but
a voice kept talking to me .
Captain : A voice ? What voice ?
Silas Greaves : [stands up , throws the table and reaches for the captain's
pistol] The voice that tells me to kill you !
Captain : That's it , terminate the subject !

<End Log>

Closing statement : The body of Henry Deacon was send to [redacted] for
further analasys . Meanwhile , the body of the dead guy seems to be
only slighty younger that the dagger . Further documentation has to be

Not much is known about the body found on site either , as it was in an
unrecognizable state .

Addendum 5/11/18 : After a few days , the body of Henry Deacon changed
it's appearence . DNA test also show that the first body and Deacon's
now match perfectly . It seems like the artifact turns whoever touches
it into a guy named Silas Greaves , a possible congitohazard .
Also , the artifact seems to be wishpering for subjects to touch it . Further
testing is advised .